so many guys so little time  

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2/18/2006 9:30 pm

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so many guys so little time

Today was not too bad, and got even better as it went on. Started out eating my miniwheats when the phone rang. It was my friend William, he invited me to his birthday party.

William is a slender, built guy, with brown hair, blue eyes. He's 6 foot tall i think, or at least very close to it. He's hitting the big 30 today. Gee can't wait for my big 30 birthday. the party was suppose to be a mild dinner in the local bar. Everything was good, I ate the raspberry chicken, with a bake potato, and small salad.

sitting at the table all by myself, because my friend Jay had to work like always. I noticed some hotties around, some faces i had never seen. The day went on a little more, kind of slow, and not exactly fun. And the party started to break up after awhile, and i was thinking about leaving soon as well, when i went to wish william a happy birthday, he had took me by the wrist and told me to follow him. We went to the back room, and he said that I should stay a little longer, there was a big supprise for the rest of us when some of the family had left. After his parents left, the rest of the bar was full of hot men. What could he have been planing? Well for starters a stripper came out from the office in back, and started dancing around. Hmmmm this party is much better. After the stripper, every one was getting pretty horny , So I'm guessing you might want to know what i did next right . Well i went home and the night ended.

Ok so I stayed long enough to get to know some of the guys, and well we slowly took off our cloths and managed to find ways of having a safe sexual time. And I would go into more detail but i think everyone can get a pretty good image in their minds. Well I'm pooped out, so I'll try telling you how the rest of the night was with my new friend John.

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