so hows the day going  

rm_gaygameboy 39M
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4/25/2006 9:51 pm
so hows the day going

ok well had three day's off of work, had car problems, as predicted, and couldn't go anywhere friday.

And my Big saturday and sunday, well lets just say they probably where good days. unfortunately i had so much sleep to catch up on, that i slept for both days. probably do to depressing issues.

But hey what can i say i'm slowly learning that i really don't need a man in my life to make me happy.

And before anyone chalks one up for the gay man turns straight boards, lets just say i'm still gay.
But the good news is that i'm not looking for a serious relationship anymore. Nope i'm willing to screw any guy right now, and be happy with it.

So if there are any takers out there let me know.
And let this be known that i am free for birthday parties. and coming out parties (if such things exist). Well today i was pretty happy about myself, mostly because i'm learning that most guys have commitment issues, and well until they learn to grow up alittle, I think they should spend time by them selves. Am i wrong, is it that hard for one guy to say hey i like you, and maybe there is something between us that can be bigger when we are ready, and not ignore you when you get into a little fight.

Guy's can be such baby's when it comes to not getting things there way. And before every guy jumps on my case i know there are some girls out there that are the same way.

Point being why can't a guy who's been stuck in daddy's house all summer long, while daddy was gone, make friends and have one of his friends pick him up. And even still if a guy wants to do stuff with you, then why push it off till the next week, until the movie you and him where going to see is no longer playing anymore.

I know i've been whining about this guy, but the honest truth is that i really did like him. And for what he did to me, I would probably forgive him, if he would at least talk to me.

Well i'm off to bed, maybe i'll have some good sex stories near the end of the week.

oh and if any one is tired of me bitching about my life, let me know and i'll go back to perfect life gameboy.

till next time. night all.

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