problems in life  

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3/24/2006 9:30 pm

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problems in life

Hey, sorry about not keeping everyone posted on my life.

Not much has happened, still studying for tests and other things. Well I guess this is one of those day's I'm not exactly happy about.

I have a lot of problems lately, kind of hoping for some advice. Got any??

See my problem is that this guy i like, who we'll call Jet, is afraid that his daddy and other family members might find out that he's interested in gay activities. Now I've been really supportive in not meeting his family, and trying to stay away from the situation. Only problem I have is that his card is broken down and is not moving anywhere lately, so i have to find a way to pick him up with out his daddy being home. Not easy, and to top it all off, Mr Jet invited me to breakfast this morning.

Well i probably should start at the beginning, see he and i met on-line, became friends, and that all he wanted to be, I admit i did want a relationship, but I've learned to live with out it. Next of all, we haven't really done anything sexually, I'm beginning to think he's either going straight (fine i guess), or losing interest in me (I'll live with that), or just a big chicken when it comes to being around me.. anyways back to the subject, We had planed on seeing a movie with a friend, "Brokeback mountain" to be exact, and for the past couple months we've been planed it, and no one could manage to get the same day off, well i jumped ahead and managed to get today off. And of course i told them to plain the same day off, and of course they said they would. (big laugh)

Found out the day before that our friend couldn't make it. And the movie wasn't playing anyways.(not a big deal don't even mind it really)

So getting back to the story, my friend Jet suggested breakfast for this morning, I got all excited and was all ready for it.. The big catch was that his dad was suppose to be gone for in the morning and that he would make us breakfast.. Chatted about it all night before, and i was excited, had to get up early in the morning. Took a shower and then got ready to go. Get in the car and drive a half an hour away, as i got closer to his house his dad was there still, so i passed him by.

Went around the block and parked on the dirt road just before his block. called jet's cell phone and he was still sleeping, (big surprise) left my message, then gave him some time, then tried his cell phone again, (sleeping, what did he stay up and forget to set the alarm). Finally after awhile of sitting there wasting gas and trying to keep warm, he finally calls back, "Oh sorry, RJ, I can't have breakfast with you. My daddy left, but might be back soon, so we can't do anything." I thought to myself that he really needs a life, here he is 35 years old and still living in daddy's house(which i don't mind, and think that it would be alright as long as daddy doesn't mind(which he does)) anyways the problem i have is that he keeps promising me time, and then turns around and breaks it at the last minute??? what should i do, I really like him, and know he is a great man to be around, and I'm not looking for a relationship right now. Just want to be able to spend time with him, mostly when he says we are going to do something. so do i just break it off with him, tell him i can't see him anymore, or should i just keep doing what I've been doing??

I told him that if he doesn't want me to meet the family it's fine, (not ready to meet the parents anyways, besides were not dating, we're just friends). And I've also told him i would help him out with the bills, because personally i only have the insurance right now and Internet bills to pay. But he doesn't want that. (I know your thinking I'm a sucker.) Oh well, I just thought I might get some advice or at least maybe find someone who might appreciate my story.

Transblucency 44M

3/24/2006 11:06 pm

It's a cliche that guys who are struggling with their sexuality are usually bad news and you'll end up getting jerked around (and not in the good way). Sounds like this might be happening a bit already.

Friends don't treat friends in this way, and the living at home thing is bad news. Don't get me rong, I'm not saying "don't be friends with him", just suggesting you be cautious and don't change your plans for him too much.

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3/27/2006 8:17 pm




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