it's such a wonderful life  

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1/9/2006 9:55 pm

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it's such a wonderful life

Well today i got up, brushed my teeth, took a shower, and drove to my friends house, and when i went into his house, when to my supprise he wasn't anywhere to be found.

I heard the shower running, and thinking i would be sly and catch him takeing a shower and seeing his hot well built body dripping and glistening from the hot water, that maybe we would have sex.

after i pulled back the shower curtin, to my supprise it wasn't my friend, but some guy that he met at the bar last night, also very hot and hard in some parts of his body. i said "Sorry, i thought jay was home." The man said "No, he should be back soon though, I'm Chuck." Blushing I told him my name.

Chuck got out of the shower and sat next to me on jay's couch. His body still wet from the shower, and the towel tightly around his waste.

We talked for a bit, before Jay came home. "So i see you two have met. hope i didn't miss out on the action."

We talked a bit more. then we had sex. i would go into more detail but i think the best words to describe it was WOW.

Other wise the rest of the day was ok, i think i was really happy, and no one i worked with understood why.

well i guess i'm going to bed. night all

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