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1/29/2006 9:33 pm

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hot guys

Today I managed to get to work in the icy rain, and unfortunately slipped, must still have the effects of Friday the 13th, and usually I'm not that superstitious but for some reason I can't seem to get the Astrology reading out of my head.

It goes something like, I should take chances, not to be shy but to experience something new, and to further my job advancement, and something about going back to school.

Well I'm still having problems with my truck, sucks to be me. But the good news is that the mechanics are going to look at it tomorrow. And I get to look at the mechanics tomorrow. Hmmm I hope they are hot, or at least cute.

Good thing is the Jay has managed to give me a ride, in two ways, if you know what I mean. Got to his house for awhile, and managed to play a couple of video games, and even played with his control stick in between his legs.

His big hard 7 inch cock felt good, kind of slipped good between my lips, and managed to go deep into my throat, on which I almost choked, when the front door opened, and good thing we have good reflexed, and plenty of time to get zipped back up. Jay's brother came over, and that wouldn't have been much fun. Not that it matters, because what Jay and his brother doesn't know is that I cought Ken with another guy, and almost joined in, almost.

Well other then that little bit of excitement, I didn't really get sex like i had hoped for. Oh well, maybe next time.

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