hmmm another day.  

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1/8/2006 8:52 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

hmmm another day.

Well its another day gone, great things will happen to me according to my horoscope, hmmmm well lets see met a couple of hot guys. One of them even asked for my number. Hmmm wonder if he'll call.

Didn't get to see my car salesman, but i guess being that its the weekend he probably doesn't work. Speaking of work, today was pretty good. And tomorrow will be even better, i get to go hang with my friends, one of whom I've been having sex with, and what a great guy he is.

Who knows maybe someday he will want to get into a more serious relationship with me. The great thing about having friends is that you never get board. Specially when they want to have sex with you at no extra cost. Unfortunately this guy doesn't want any relationship, not exactly sure why other than the fear that his family will find out. But who knows maybe someday when he feels a little comfortable he might consider it.

Did get some shopping done today at the K marts. Man there are some hotties i would like to take out of layaway and get them in my bed. Guess I'm getting to horny, if i could only find the one guy that would want that relationship and keep me out of trouble then i think life would be less interesting for my blogs, but more interesting for me. well I'm going to bed. Would like to hear from someone soon, night

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