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4/29/2006 11:31 pm

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hey sexy

Alright here is my fantasy guy, he's around my height, i do like taller guys and some of the shorter guys are kind of hot, and yes midgets or little people are cool and around the right hight.

I know not funny for all, but hope everyone has a good sense of humor. Alright my fantasy guy has blue or blue green eye's, yes i like other men, but this guy is the one i've had dreams about. He has a reddish tint in his brown hair. He doesn't have to be muscular, but i do like the muscles. I prefer non smoker, but only because everyone in my family smokes, and i don't. I would and have dated a smoker. The guy i fantasize about is the guy that makes me happy when i'm down, and when the mood is right shows me a good time. He doesn't have to be rich, because money should be earned by both people, but I'm one of those people that think that money shouldn't be an issue for a couple to be happy with each other.

I know my fantasy guy is out there, but I don't know where, or if i've ever met him.

I love to have sex. But i love my fantasy guy more. If i ever find him, or find out who he is, I probably will die a happy man.

Well i suppose i've talked a lot about boring things, but here is a story about me and another guy from my past.

It was a cool day out side, and i had a long drive to my work which was in a different bigger town then the one i live in. So stopping at the rest area was one of my big past times after work..

I would walk up the long path, head into the mens rest room, and find a stall that was empty and sit there with my cock in my hands till some guy came in..

Well one night this guy walked in, and he was around my age. I kind of flirted with him when i was washing my hands, unfortunately he left, i went back into the stall. grasped my firm cock, and stroked a little longer, a few minutes later and a older man walks into the mens room, i walked out and did my washing my hands roting, flirted with him, and he flirted back..........

Hmmmm well we spent time in the stall and did a few blows, when the teenager who was my age came in and watched, i tried to get him to join, but he wasn't interested, but he sat there and watched..

The older guy got harder, and was trying to get me up on my knees as i did, he put his cock in my ass, i beckoned for the young man to stick his cock in my mouth...

He stood there and watched, Suddenly the older guy pushes his cock deeper in me, I felt like i was going to cum all over the bathroom floor.

The young guy finally took the older guy's cock in the mouth and swallowed the older guy's cum, then the younger guy pushed his cock in my mouth, finally i sucked him till i felt his hard cock start to swell even more in my mouth.

Still bent on my knees i felt the young guy's cock in my ass. The older guy started sucking my cock while I was being fucked in the ass.

The young guy stuck his cock deeper in my ass, deeper then the older guy did.....

I was about to cum, the older guy sucking away and finally the younger guy was pushing more and more..

I spurted out all over the older guy lying under me, and younger guy takes his penis out of my tight ass and cums all over my ass and the older guys body...

The younger guy left after washing up...

The older guy told me that his lover likes to lick his and another guys seamen off his body..

I finally left went home and realized these guys where great, Kind of hope someday i'll have sex like that again...

ecboi 46M
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5/20/2006 1:53 am

Been there..done that

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