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4/19/2006 9:34 pm

Have you ever got into a fight with your best friend, and wished you could take everything you said back.

I just did, and now there's no way to contact him, unless i do the one thing he asked me not to do. And seeing how i promised him i wouldn't do it, I guess it leaves me to wait it out till he can find a way to forgive me.

I'm not sure if he reads my blogs, but if he does I am very sorry about everything i said.

See i sometimes get a little carried away with my words, specially when i'm mad, or frustrated.

Before the fight, i had just gotten out of work.

Work has been stressing me out more and more, i really do need to find a new job, just kind of hard to do that right now.

and because i was so stressed out from work, i thought i could get him to hang with me.. unfortunately he had family things to do, so i was in the wrong and kind of spoke my mind..

I know he's a very smart guy. Has to be doing the job he does... and I know he's wonderful to be around. He's got a great smile, even when i make bad jokes. His eye's are brilliant blue, just one look in his eye's and you know your around a great man. His hair is perfect, even the little bold spot he has is just perfect... He's the best friend i ever had, and i really do wish i had another chance with him.

I know this seems different from most of my previous blogs, but i think this one is coming from the heart.. I really miss him. And hope someday he'll comeback and forgive me for my stupid mouth.

rm_aymericgay 27M

11/4/2007 4:57 am

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