feeling way better  

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1/16/2006 11:02 pm

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feeling way better

Ok, so i've been gone for awhile, I cought a cold, which i hope is gone for good, and also hope that my friends don't have their's for long.

Today was kind of exiciting, but i can't go into much detail. Lets just say I'm happy i got to spend time with my friends and hope they feel better soon so we can spend more time later down the road.

Work was kind of slow, not much snow, not much traffic, so no much business. Did see a few hotties roaming the streets, other wise i think its just one of those days you wish you could stay in bed and call into work and tell them you have some mysterious illness so you can sleep the day away. But being the good boy I am, I did goto work and didn't really have that much fun. Then again I don't see too many people that like their jobs or have fun.

Haven't had much sex, so I've been really horny lately. Too bad. I suppose when everyone's feeling better and out of bed, i can do some of those exercise things that work all the muscles.

It's funny how much we like to stay in bed or try to get into bed, but when we finally get sick and have to stay in bed we always seem to want to get up and do something. Must be the way people are, kind of like telling a kid, he/she can't have candy, but they get it anyways.

Well i know you don't want to hear much more about me being sick. So maybe in the next couple of days I'll be back to myself and checking out the hot guys, and maybe even doing some other stuff.

So on that note i'm going to bed and hope to have better stuff to tell you.

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