and the race is on  

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4/11/2006 9:26 pm

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and the race is on

Ok it's been a very hectic week. This saturday is my test, not sure if i'll pass or not.

So here's what i've been doing since my last blog.
I've been studying alot. Also been trying to figure out men, (I know being one, you would think i would have the inside scoop.)

My friend jet, very hot, is kind of holding me in a position where i'm not sure if it's going to be serious dating, or if i'm just waisting my time.
Also still trying to sneak behind his daddy's back to do stuff.

Work is becoming a pain, but then again what job isn't. We just got a new girl in, she's nice, around her 50's and is very sweet to be around.
I've been trying to show her the ropes of the gas station in's and out's, Very hard considering that the other night shift girl, is such a rude bitch, sorry for those who might be insulted. I show the new girl the right way to do something, and Penny will go back and say i did it all wrong. Funny thing is I've been there longer then penny, and Penny seems to make more mistakes then the girl who just started last month.... not someone i would want train me to do stuff.

So needless to say i've been under a lot of stress, also been looking over some of the stuff i've done in my life, and wow it's been pretty dull stuff. Guess i'm hitting my mid life crisis. And to top it off, i've been worring way too much. Not sure who my friends are, or if i have any. Haven't really talked to my old friends. And the new friends, if i have any, aren't really talking to me that much, so i've just been thinking of taking time to spend with myself.

But who knows maybe i'll find prince charming, get the ideal job i want, enjoy life to it's fullest, and still have time to chat with everyone.

well till next time, happy Easter, and night all.

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