alright so far life is ok  

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1/7/2006 10:49 pm

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alright so far life is ok

today was alright i guess, i work in a small gas station and I'm the only guy that works with 5 women, and the boss is a women. Ok I don't usually have problems working with women, but for some reason they always have to be right, or they seem to like to gang up on me about something, then there are times they don't like each other. Well its enough to drive a man to drink (not that i don't drink every once in a while)

Well i guess it could be worse, but i figured i'd let you guys know some of what i do for a living. And some of the stress that there is in my life.

Now if i could find the right guy to show me a good time, i probably wouldn't even notice that people i work with. Thank god for costumers. There are a few really hot guys that i check out. There is a few i wouldn't mind getting to know better, like for instince this guy who sells cars, nice body, great hair and eyes, and Very cute smile. who knows maybe someday i will get to know him better and tell you all about him.

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