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5/17/2006 9:01 pm

Alright guess what? I finally got a call from Jet, the one guy in my life i really like. But thats all i got, he claims we'll see each other on monday. Please god help me.

Well lets start off with last night, I went to bed angry, sad, and depressed all at the same time. Which ment i didn't get much sleep, mostly because i've been worring and thinking about jet.

Finally getting some sleep, and i get woke up at 6am this morning, not haveing been to bed till after 4am, by a baby cring. My Aunt droped off my cousin and she was cring because she needed what most baby's do when they take a long drive, a new dyper.

So anyways while my grandma and mom watched the baby, i got up took my shower, and got ready for my road trip. Before i took my road trip i called the guys up and was hoping that they would come with me. Gee big supprise no one answers the phone these days.

So i started off my day kind of thinking about not taking my GED, and just stay the loser i am today. But then i remembered my job, and thought who knows maybe my friend jet will like me more if i took it. I know my GED is ment to better my education not impress some guy.. So anyways i took off, driving down the roads in my car that is about ready to break down.

I live around the thumb area of michigan, which is half way on the out side hand. I had driven half way down and half way in the middle and then found out that i went the wrong way.. Geee made my day even more worst, and made me wish i had Jet there with me.

It's hard to navigate and drive at the same time, specaily when you have cars trying to get you to move, and when you trying to find your way around on the map..

So anyways finally getting to the adult education center, I went in, payed for the tests and found out i have to go back in the morning for a quick cap of what to expect. Then this saturday i will be taking my first two tests. Please god help me. If you haven't been reading up on my blogs, or if i haven't told anyone, I did take the Ged test before i moved up here, but i didn't pass, i only needed 3 more points to pass, kind of like my life, only needed 2 credits to graduate, but they are long stories and the reason why i didn't go back to take my ged test was because they closed the school where i was able to take them the first time. I hate being in my generation, it seems the more i try to better myself the worst they make my life.. In high school, at freshman level i was told i only needed 20 credits (or around there not exactly sure anymore) to graduate, then the next two years they raised the level, and then of course they messed with other things like now i have to have secound language and/or some kind of health class, and then they wanted more and more, and i finally just got near the end of graduation, and because i had teachers that didn't really teach anything, mostly english teachers. I had 3 english credits i had to make up. so trying to take just the 3 english classes, they told me i would have to take 2 the first semester along with all the other normal classes, and then 2 more the next semester, to make up for 3 credits i needed, well long story shortened, i quit school because i didn't want to have to sit there all day taking classes i didn't really need, along with the classes that i did (english classes, of which the teachers weren't even teaching, just wasting my time), and i had a full time job. So what was i suppose to do, tell my boss i don't want full time, and i would rather live on the streets and go back to school to further my education. nope.

Anyways I'm probably not making much sence right now, but the thing is i had along day. Oh and to top it off my boss called me to ask to work, I broke down and did, and told her that i would go back to doing my normal work, as long as she would let me do my tests, and give me time off for that stuff.

But on another note, the call from jet, kind of put me at ease and helped my nerves. Only now that he wants to meet next monday, I'm getting worried, because our friend didn't talk to me yet, and Jet didn't say what was going on, only that he's been doing alot of running around..

So now i'm worried again. I think he's getting ready to tell me that he's leaving, or that his dad kicked him out and he has no choice but to move.

Thing is that i really miss him, but i'm going to have to let him go i guess..

Just wish i could go with him, but I don't think he wants that, and besides i think i would just be a free loader untill i finally got a job and my education. So i don't know what he's doing, I'm not even sure if i'm going to handle anything he has to say. well thanks all for reading my blogs and giving some helpful hints. also thanks to everyone whos done my polls. I know they're cheesy but it kind of helps me out.

Well I don't know if i'm going to be doing much more bloging after next monday, but who knows, if things go well, maybe i'll be back, and not quiet as sad. we'll see, till next time.

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