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1/10/2006 9:54 pm

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Games and toys

Today was the one day off that i had nothing to do, all my friends where working and i was getting bord. So i decided to do some shopping around for a new game.

Driving to the store i seen a lot of cutties. Something about a teenage sports jock that seem to give a rise in my pants. Too bad its winter, i would have loved to watch them play with their balls, Basketballs that is.

But i guess I'll be able to do that in the summer. I was almost to the store and i didn't want to cause an accedent.

Finally getting to the store and had to goto the bathroom. Yeah i know you didn't really want to know about that but there are some good things that happen in the bathrooms. I'm standing there minding my buseness when this hot 25 year old guy dressed in his red smock uniform pulls up to the toilet next to me. I smiled and tried not to stare too much, and suddenly he asked me about the weather outside. I didn't really know what to tell him. So i told him well its cold out. He smiled and said "yeah can't wait till summer."
I smiled. This guy was real hot. He had to be around 5'9 or 6, brown curly hair, slender built, really nice smile, and a nice 7" cock. not that i checked it out.

Suddenly he glanced over the devider, then walked over to the sink to wash his hands. I just stood there for a moment. All that was running through my mind was "hmmm hot guy, checking me out, in the bathroom." suddenly i zipped up, went into one of the stulls, and just kind of waited. He came over "Everything alright" I told him "yeah everythings fine", He pushed the door open, not that i had it locked, and he asked if he could join me.

His hands where right there on my cock, warm, nice big hands. We made out for a bit, got closer, started takeing off my pants when someone walked into the bathroom. After the Other guy left, the hot guy said "names Todd give me a call sometime" He gave me his number and I just sat there thinking about hot todd rubbing my cock, not realizing that i was stoking my cock, i suddenly cam and then finished doing my shopping.

Well I think i might give him a call later and see what he's upto.

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