Finally got courage  

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1/12/2006 9:20 pm

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Finally got courage

Another day, another dollar I guess is the big saying for someone who doesn't really like the job their doing but know its one of many ways to pay the bills.

For todays interesting life story, I got up this morning, had oatmeal and coffee, watched tv; I know exciting stuff huh.

I guess the one exciting thing was I finally got the courage to call Todd from the store the other day. I know didn't take long but I was kind of interested in what naughty things we could do.

Found out he's got the day off, unfortunatly I have to work, but we do have a day off together next week so maybe something will pop up.

I guess some times I get a little nerves about calling people when i really want to see them, specialy when all that seems to be on my mind lately is sex.
>>! Don't get me wrong I do like more then just sex but that seems to be the only thing I seem to find time for, and seem to find the guys like more than just haning out and watching movies or doing other recreational things.

But not that I got the call off my chest now i just have to try to find the courage to keep my date with him. Which I'm sure i will.

Well went to my friends house to kill some time before I had to goto work. Walked into his house like i normaly do, guess i don't really beleive in knocking. Found the poor guy laying in bed sleeping. Hmmm guess what i think he's got a nice big tent under the covers waiting for attention.

Reached under the blanket and what did i feel but his big hard rod dripping of pre cum.
He woke up, smileing at me, "hi, guess I slept too long", "I guess you must have had a really good dream." We went down stairs, took a shower and fooled around for a bit in the shower. Ate lunch then i got ready for work. I do have a shower at home, but its way more fun to take a shower with someone else, if you know what i mean.

Got to work, talked to my hot car salesman again, seems he was thinking about asking me if i would like to go catch a movie sometime. Hmmm with a cute face like his, i would do almost anything.
I did give him my phone number so he could give me a ring sometime, let me know what he has planed.

Did check out some of the other guys today, some hot, some not, I guess thats how it goes. Did see a couple of cute twink like boys head into the single bathroom together, hmmm wounder what their doing in there, i bet its not using the toilet.

The rest of the day flew by real quick, didn't have much fun at work, like you can actually have fun at work when your boss is standing right over you half the time.

Well i guess tomarrows another day, and I should just be happy that some one elses life is worse than mine. Not that i don't feel bad for that person. Well I'm off to bed, so everyone have a good night.

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