LISA gets it again.  

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8/26/2006 7:00 am

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LISA gets it again.

Lisa never talked about her getting banged by 3 black guys, except to say she never wanted to do that again. She even said she didn't want to ever to a black again. John one of the blacks with the long cock that Lisa gave our phone number to, finally called one day. I was at the house alone when he called. I told him what Lisa had said, but he told me that she was just denying her desires. He further told me that he would bet that she would go after his cock if I wasn't there. I know Lisa so I took the bet. Saturday rolled around I told Lisa that I had to work, so I got up and left like that was what I was doing. As I drove off I passed John heading toward our house. I waited about 15 minutes before turning around and going back. I parked away from the house and walked to the back of the house where I could enter without anybody knowing I was there. When I got there Lisa was still in her robe. I knew all she had on under it was a sheer green thong. John was talking to her and she was trying to be modest with her short robe. After another 10 minutes John asked where the bathroom was at. Lisa showed him and as he went to pee, he didn't close the door all the way. Lisa was peeking through the crack! When he came out, his long cock was hanging out! Lisa fell to her knees and grabbed it with her hand. So John was pumping it into her mouth. He told her to take off her robe, and she did without any hesitation. John pumped his hard cock down her throat until he was about to shoot. He pulled it out of her mouth but told her to take it. Lisa continued to jack him off until he shot a huge load into her open, waiting mouth. Amazingly his cock never went soft. John told Lisa to go to the bedroom. Lisa led him to our bedroom. I followed and watched as Lisa stripped her thong off her bald pussy, and climbed on his swollen cock. She guided it to her wet slit and slid down on it. She pushed all of it up into her pussy the first time. She rode him for awhile like this, then he told her he wanted her ass. She pulled off of it only to guide it to her tihgt asshole. She pushed it down on it slowly but was cumming the entire time. Soon his cock was imbedded all the way up her ass as she rode him. They swapped positions several times, until he dumped another load in her now stretched open cunt. Lisa then rested with John for a few minutes the started sucking his cock again. After she got him hard she got on her hands and knees for him to fuck her. She was begging for his cock! He fucked her cunt and ass for what seemed forever but was really 45 minutes. He dumped this load in her ass, but pulled out to pump some up her cunt. Her cunt was still dripping his cum, as he fucked her cunt again to pump another load into her. After resting for awhile John told her he had to leave. As he got to the front door Lisa dropped down and pulled his cock out to suck it some more. Johm left her on her knees. I left the house and went to town. I waited for 4 hours when I home. Lisa didn't say a word, but I noticed she was walking funny. She had already took a shower, and was dressed. I didn't say anything but every time I tried to touch her she pulled away. I wait until we went to bed when I showed her the pictures that John had took of her with his camera phone, and the ones I took with our digital camera. I told her she could leave if she wanted to, but that I wanted her to stay, but from now on she was going to play by the rules. Lisa now sucks me and fucks me whenever or however I want to. I will arrange any further meeting she has with me there. We are planning a big cock gangbang.

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9/13/2006 1:56 pm

Great story. Ya'll have to drop in with us some time.

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