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8/30/2006 7:17 am

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3/1/2007 2:16 am


i am not above traveling but it seems that all the women in this area are afraid to meet i know i am good looking i am not going to win a brad pitt look alike contest but all they want to do is ignore them i send one email if no reply i do not send another so i do not look like i am desperate or stalking her . what do you think i am looking for comments as said before i have been on this sight for years and never had a hook up or hold any conversation via email or chat . i have had people tell me try the chat rooms i have tried no one will chat with me so i have given up on that well if you think i am whining iam i am horny and i am tired of taking care of my self .it has been years of me beating off and i would like to find some one to help i well i will stop whining for now i just want some curtosy and some one to aleastreturn an email and say hey get lost or go fuck your self thats all . please coment

peekieboo 45M/42F

9/5/2006 6:58 am

we we have meet with two cpl's from here but have not played yet and are still looking to hook up soon. We have had a lot of luck chatting in the chat rooms with meeting ppl. just cause you send more then one e-mail don't mean that you are desperate nor make you a stalker. it will happen when the time is right...

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