emotional vs. physical  

rm_gardnerhoe 43M
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9/21/2005 10:44 am

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8/8/2006 2:47 pm

emotional vs. physical

someone once told me not to get married until I was at least 30 years old.

Why? i asked.

Because you don't even know who you are until then.

i blew the comment off and got married anyway. Now i stand before you at 31 and deeply believe I'm bi-sexual.
I know i'm bi-curious. (hell you all do after all my postings

My question is for bisexuals in general.

When you engage in homosexual activity is it on an emotional level or a physical one? or both?

For me. I love my wife. i have a deep emotional connection
with her, which makes sex with her wonderful. In my desires to be with a man, i don't even want to be with him, i just want to be with his cock. I have no emotional connection with them, nor do i want one. i don't know if i could even have one.

i started to think about this further. Would I kiss another
man? No. Would i cuddle with a man? no. What would i do?
I would fuck him analy, I would suck his cock. I'm not
sure if I would let him suck mine though. and even though
I love it when my wife touches, fingers or licks my ass, i
don't know if i would let another man fuck me. i found
this strange at first. but after thinking about it further
it made sense. If i have no emotional involvement or desire
why would i let another man enter me? but i let his cock enter my mouth? does he have emotional involvment if my cock is in his ass?

How is this situation different for women? is it different?

this is very confusing. I look forward to your thougthts
and input. Again the real question:

When you engage in homosexual activity is it on an emotional level or a physical one? or both?

rm_gardnerhoe 43M
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9/21/2005 12:01 pm

I will try to give you an answer as well thought out your question.

Have you discussed the possibility with your wife about
a MMF threesome. If not, is there a reason why you have not
or cannot do so? Is there a possibility that she perhaps
has fantasies about being with two guys?
It sounds to me like your bi-curiousness is of a purely sexual
nature only. No commitment, no desire for commitment,
no desire to feel "loved". Purely physical.
It sounds to me like you are a prime candidate for MMF threesomes
but are you and your wife secure enough and experimental
enough to discuss this and possibly move toward it the future.

I have read your blogs, I know how you feel about your wife.
I hate to see someone live with unfulfilled fantasies if
there is a chance that they can be fulfilled. I also know
that no fantasy will ever be better than the reality you
destroy to experience the fantasy. So step one would be
to discuss it with your wife. Maybe when you and her are having
sex you can "talk dirty" to her and drop hints
about there being another man in the room with you.....
If she is turned off by the thought then I feel like this may
be an unfulfilled fantasy for you...

-bardicman (from message board)

rm_gardnerhoe 43M
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9/21/2005 12:05 pm

i haven't, and won't ask her to do this, she's way too uptight about sex to handle it well. although she seems to be easing up a bit lately. As far as fucking. she only lieks to make love. so she claims. i don't see how that can be possible. We all need/crave a good fucking, no? So this leads me to believe that she just doesn't want to be fucked by me. Is she cheating on me? Am i just paranoid? Are my insecurities about our relationship taking over right now? This will most likely become an unfulfilled fantasy that I will have to live with. It's unfortunate that i didn't listen to that person who gave me such good advice years ago.

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