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August 11 at 4:33pm

I'm sitting in my office fantasizing about having sex with carol, tracy and seska. so i wrote a story about waht i was thinking about and submitted it in the erotic stories section on this site.

I met my wife 10 years ago and our sex life was perfect. She was willing to try new things, she was ready, willing and able to please me and to be pleased. When we got engaged, things slowed down a bit. But she was in school and i expected this was due to high stress levels. Some people deal with stress in differentt ways. I like sex to help me de-stress. she wants to be left alone and hates being touched. We got married and our sex life went further down, her new life on the job was really bearing down on her. Since she got pregnant with our son, our sex life went from average to barely there. And such is my sex life right now.

I find solace in reading about all of your adventures, inadequacies, desires, and fantasies. It helps me to feel alive again. I hope that in sharing my life with all of you, you will in turn help me enlighten the passion lost with my wife.

i will give you a daily account of what's happening in my life. please let me know if you need more details, if you have opinions, etc.

The past few weks things seem to be picking up. I gat laid 3 times last week. And had sex twice in one day fo the first time in several years.

I didn't get laid last night. I got home from work and was exhausted. I picked up dinner and came home to help my wife feed our son. It was quite the job to feed him as it usually is. Once he was fed we heated up our dinner and got ready for bed. I did 3 loads of laundry, washed the dishes and put the little one's diaper bag in order. While i was doing this my wife gave our son a bath.

We all played with blocks together on the floor, watching him learn, and apply himself. Kids really are amazing aren't they? i could tell my wife was tired and annoyed from her day at the office. In the past i've tried to do anything and everything i can think of to help her de-stress, she never responds. I decided to go to sleep. I passed out quickly.

Tonight should be different. We'll see!

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