my "good behavior theory"  

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1/11/2006 8:05 am

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my "good behavior theory"

Have always believed most people follow the "good behavior theory".

By that I mean, when you start dating someone that you usually do your best to try to impress them with your style, manners, decorum, looks, etc... And so when you are with them you are "on good behavior".

As the good behavior theory goes, then the longer you date, the more you can relax, not be quite so polished, etc. Not saying you become a total slob, but you realize this person really likes you and you don't have to constantly impress them. (hope that makes sense)

Classic example, on first restaurant date, most women will order a salad or light entree. By 100th time going out, she will order whatever she really wants to eat (which may be the salad, or may be lasagna).

Anyway, guess my date from the other day goes by the complete opposite. Be the rudest, crudest version of yourself and see if the other person goes screaming out the door--if not, then she must really like you!

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