confessions from "that girl everyone talked about"  

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9/12/2005 6:05 pm

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confessions from "that girl everyone talked about"

Ok... I confess... when I was in high school, I WAS--"That girl that everyone talked about".

Most of what was said was true. Some was exaggeration, and some just out and out lies (interesting ones, but lies none the less).

Today, I am so mild mannered and tame comparatively. Part of that mildness is due to opportunity more than anything else.

Of course in the mid 80's straight women did not worry about AIDS or other diseases. And at that age you feel invincible anyway.

So, some of my famous exploits included:
-some gangbangs with classmates
-dating another girl for a year!
-making a porno movie with some fellow classmates (long story, but it wound up being stolen out of my house and dupped a million times--sure somewhere on the internet it is available!)

But, I really didn't care so much about the rumors. I think everyone talked about me because I would never deny the truth if I had done something... that was always the most threatening thing about me--open & honest about my sex life and unashamed of it.

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