Just when you think your day is sucking...  

rm_gagrl 38F
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8/4/2006 8:22 pm

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8/8/2006 7:23 am

Just when you think your day is sucking...

Ok, just when I thought that my Friday was gonna suck...up pops and old friend on my instant messenger. It's a guy I met from here a while back. He calls me puss. I call him dick. We don't know much about each other just that we like to have sex with each other. It was never more than a fuck, but it was always a good, fun fuck. It's good to have somebody that you can just call up and say fuck me. No questions, no expectations, no complications, no confusions. JUST A FUCK. Here comes the complicated part...I've been kinda seeing a friend of his. Ok, so maybe more than kinda seeing him...he's professed his love for me. Well, we both have. I do have feelings for this guy, but things are and always have been very hot and cold between us. It's either REALLY good or REALLY shitty. He's out of town this weekend and I'm home alone bored and horny. What the fuck's a girl to do? Fuck an old friend of course. I haven't seen this guy in about three months. I've got to say, it didn't take much persuasion on his part to get me to come to his house. As usual, it was a good fuck. Strip me, fuck me, then kiss me good night. That's all I wanted. Question is can he keep his mouth shut????


8/4/2006 9:12 pm

Life is short .... seize the moment. Enjoy a good fuck with an old friend. Will he keep his mouth shut? Yes, if he knows what's good for him - he keeps his friendship with the other guy and continues to be someone that you can rely on for a good fuck and he gets to savor your delicious body. A win-win situation for him as long as he does the right thing.

When you're feeling horny and neither man is around to satisfy you, you can think of the following erotica that I have written, while you masturbate:

After our love-making session at your place, we snuggle and fall asleep in each other’s arms, and we experience a peaceful rest.

We wake up the next morning with our warm bodies entwined, gazing deeply into each other’s eyes, and I brush your hair away from your pretty face and kiss you deeply. My hand gently strokes your soft breast, and my thumb slowly moves back and forth across your nipple. My head lowers and I suck the nipple on your other breast, then my tongue flickers quickly, causing your nipple to swell and you begin to moan. My hand moves down to feel your wet warmth, and I stroke your tender folds before inserting my finger into your tight pussy. My finger makes a ‘come hither’ motion as I stimulate your g-spot, while continuing to suck your breast. You cry out my name as you experience the first of many orgasms, then I move down to taste your sweet juices. My tongue glides across your swollen clit while my finger continues to stroke your g-spot, and my other hand fondles your breast. This tri-fecta of stimulation results in massive, multiple orgasms that rocks you to your soul. You reach for my massive, enormous cock, and you guide my firm erection into your waiting pussy. Your pelvis rises to meet my thrusts, and I begin to slowly go in and out of you, establishing a steady rhythm that builds to more orgasms for you, then I accelerate my thrusts and plunge my love-stick deep into you, causing your body to shiver and loud, passionate moans to come from the depths of your throat as you experience a sensation of joy never felt before. As you orgasm, I cum with you, filling your pussy with streams of my hot white cum. Your arms wrap tightly around me, as if to squeeze the last rainbow of our orgasms from our bodies. We lay next to each other, my fingers stroking your body softly, and you whisper that my fingers feel like they are slowly ice-skating over your body. We fall asleep, as if the rest of the world’s day can continue without us, as we are content feel the warmth of our bodies next to each other.

After awhile, we move from the bedroom to the bathroom, where we turn on a nice, pulsating stream of warm water in the shower, and we playfully shampoo and soap each other’s naked bodies. My arousing cock begs for my body to be next to yours. With the warm shower water cascading over our bodies, I kiss your soft lips and slowly caress your wet body with my hand. The palm of my hand gently strokes your soft breast. My mouth moves to your neck, and I kiss it softly, slowly going up and down from your shoulder to your ear and you head tilts slightly away, enabling me to enjoy your gentle skin as you smile with pleasure. You feel my warm breath against your skin as I say your name in between kisses. I fill my hands with your favorite scented soap, and proceed to wash your body, and you turn so that you are facing away from me, so that my hands can wash both of your breasts. You reach back and hold my big, erect cock, slowly stroking it with your soapy hand. While still kissing your neck, as my hands soap your soft breasts, I feel your swollen nipples between my thumbs and fingers. You turn slightly, and my hand moves down to your clit, and, while the water from the shower is flowing down the front of your body, my middle finger massages your clit, and you to moan softly. The steady rhythm of my finger builds the pleasure within you, and I increase the pressure and also the movement of my finger, as your hips rock back and forth against the intense stimulation. Orgasm after orgasm is the joy that fills your body. Just when you think that you’ve experienced the greatest pleasure, I drop to my knees in front of you, and I begin to kiss you above your knee and slowly work my way up your leg, then I take your warm pussy into my mouth. The taste of your pussy reminds me of the summer freshness and tastiness of juicy peaches and sweet watermelon, and my mouth savors every juice. I insert my tongue in and out of your pussy, and then it strokes your tender folds, and moves to your waiting clit. As my tongue moves against your love button, my left hand moves up to your breast, and I caress it softly; I insert the first finger of my right hand into your dripping pussy to massage your g-spot; this 3-area stimulation excites you to an orgasmic ecstasy, and the warm water suddenly feels cool against your body. Then both of my hands grip your nice ass to press you tightly against the tongue that is stroking your swollen clit. You thrust against my tongue that is pressed on your clit, and you cry out a long, passionate moan, and your body melts down to mine. Our eyes meet each others, and your sly grin tells me that it is my turn to be pleasured. I stand up and feel the pulsating warm shower water against my back, and while you are on your knees, you grip my enormous, rock-hard dick, and begin to slowly stroke it as you look up at me and see the smile on my face. Your other hand holds my balls, and I feel the nails on your fingers slightly caress each of my stimulated balls. Your tongue touches the head of my cock, and you slowly run your tongue over it, then your tongue moves up and down my long, thick shaft. I become even harder as your tongue flicks the head of my cock. You cup your lips and take me into your mouth, as your hand moves up and down the base-portion of my cock. I feel the tender wetness of your mouth as your suck me, and my hand softly touches your beautiful face. I gently thrust my cock as you take me in and out of your mouth. I feel the rush of an orgasm and my balls tighten, and your hand strokes quicker as your mouth moves faster and faster up and down my cock. My head rolls back and my eyes close, and my mouth lets out a passionate moan as my sperm leaves my body in an orgasmic joy, and a massive stream of hot white cum fills your mouth. You enjoy the taste, and swallow every delicious drop. You continue to pump me, to make sure that not a drop misses your waiting mouth. Then you rise up, and my arms wrap around your body and I hold you against me, and I kiss you. The warm water splashes against our bodies as we kiss. The shower completed, we turn off the water and use plush towels to dry each other off, and I brush the towel to dry your satisfied pussy as you hold my dick in one hand and a towel in the other, to wipe the water off my still-erect dick. After we dry-off …..

timberwolf6972 44M

8/4/2006 9:16 pm

So the truth comes out huh? Cheater! Cheater! Cheater! Why are you breaking my heart? I'm gonna go now and cry on my pillow! {=}

rm_gagrl 38F

8/8/2006 7:23 am

Thank you 4ukc, yes, if he knows what's best for him, he'll shut up. He's just not usually good at doing what's best.

Sorry Timber. I didn't mean to break your little heart, but a girls gotta have some dick just like you need your pussy. LOL

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