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7/18/2005 2:33 pm

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into your territory

so, today was kinda funny ,wake up in ingenius form and felling horny as usual,but got obstacles to get over ,lol like the usual mundaneness of liberal working for to keep the lowdown taxman at bay and while ur at it you think of the best lay u ever had but it aint no good anymore u need to find that perfect fuck again and it aint happenin at the minute sooooooooo ,what ya gonna do about it.oh yeah sure the casual flirt thats going nowhere and the impatience of a baroness to boot .then u spot sex personified ,wow but wait its in my imagination ,duh no good to me she needs to b real almost unrealistic and ozzzzing those mental sexual gestures that no man can bear ,the brain is south for a minute but u come up for air and let go the powerlessness for a minute .now work is over and u flirt a while ,just drives you mad whether its on line or in ur head but ,then she whispers to you ,''mmmm now ur thinkin ,dirty, boy''and u say yeah i was born with this affliction but i like it ''so what '' i say its a pleasure i got to fix and im going to try fixing it if it dries me out lol,''now '' she says ''why dont u just

tune in again for rest lol ,the moral here is frustration lol

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