How much wood....?  

rm_funspot4JnF 66M/61F
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8/13/2006 9:44 am

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8/17/2006 11:57 am

How much wood....?

How much wood, could (this) wood chucker
chuck, if (this) wood chucker wants to
keep on - chucking wood?

See, just the other day, there was some damn
fine weinie-roasting going on. Cum to think
of it - J and I had a hell of a romping
good-roast last night, too.

Oh, it takes time and effort to stoke and
poke the fires of passion. This one was
built in a calm and sunny sky and then out
of nowhere, a wind and rain-storm arrived
to test our skill at keeping things going
under less than perfect conditions.

It took more effort, energy, horny and happy
communication - reassuring ourselves that
the flames won't go out - if we're prepared
to do what it takes.

Yes, it is about us and what we want
it's also about what the fire needs, too.
if we want to feel the heat - then it's up
to us to make sure that a one-sided wish
takes other 'needs' into account first, so
that everyone gets what's good for them.

Oops, how much wood can Freddy chuck?
Recently, it's becum sweeter each day.
Hearing something like, "It's time to fuck!"
Seems he's very damn satisfied now, with
the wood that he's chucked.

oldude1946 71M

8/15/2006 5:50 pm

Hell, I can't get past scratching my ass

rm_funspot4JnF replies on 8/16/2006 8:29 am:
Okay oldude we're almost convinced that your ass
is ready for a gal to smear some lotion on it until
the itch is gone and then flip you over so you can
fix her itch, too.

multitasksextoy 59M  
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8/16/2006 12:55 pm

All fire's begin small with a little kindling,it must be fed to grow!!!

rm_funspot4JnF replies on 8/17/2006 7:01 am:
So true rawhide.

It's amazing what happens when a gal is willing to feed
herself my little kindling. My my, how it grows!

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