For MzHuny - cause we said we would  

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8/20/2006 9:41 am

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For MzHuny - cause we said we would

Has anyone ever figured out what monkeys think about when they're sitting up - looking at us??

I mean, do they - deep down inside of their monkey hearts - look at us and say to themselves, "Hey, life doesn't get better than this!"

I wonder sometimes, if they too are afraid that they might lose something precious if they push their luck and go too far out on a limb in the pursuit of one more nibble and dabble.

Let's suppose this monkey's thinking about this.
Let's say this monkey has the best of both worlds.
Let's guess, if this monkey's guessing too - at what might happen if what's behind door A and door B - ALL got together and formed another arrangement behind door C.

You see, if the arrangement behind door C worked, there's no doubt it would be a 'mind-blower,' lol.

Then, this monkey thinks again. If it didn't work, the risk of everything going down the swirley water is almost too real, to handle.

Hey MzHuny, if that monkey and us are thinking the same way - we just might stay up on our perch a little while longer.

"Smiling beagles - riding shotgun - up in Ohio"

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