Fire and Ice  

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8/4/2006 2:23 pm

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Fire and Ice

Had a hail-storm here last night.
Cars were caught in 3ft of water, in underpasses. Jolene and I were inside watching our potted plants being shredded by grape-sized ice coming down from a darkened sky. Holy Moly what a show!

Blog interrupt-us set in. Actually, it was more like coitus-interrupt-us-3 set in, for 2 reasons. We caught sniffles and coughs. DAMN, we were all bent and set on cruise to enjoy a simply luscious evening but had to postpone because passing a cold to a playmate is just bad manners. Secondly, the storm arrived just a few minutes before our scheduled departure time, had we been free of the summer crud. Damn, damn, damn!

So, I grabbed my fuck-diary (don't laugh - at our age, this is a good thing to do) did some math and was reasonably satisfied to count up 28 nookie-nights out of a possible 60. 2 of those were multi-hour events with a very special friend. The rest were us, by ourselves, relishing the rush from doing what we do.

We had time to talk. We talked about friends and how we could better relate to them or better yet, how we'd like our friends to relate to us.

Fire and ice. Hot and cold. Sweaty, hard and exhausting sex - then silence. Is this the only choice? How about a few eMails between get-togethers or some chatting - like maybe once a week - just to keep the embers glowing?

Oh, talk about fire, how about software downloads and wonky puter shit that leads to extreme frustration. That new dual Mac system has caught my attention. I almost stuck my desktop in the fire-pit this week.

Hey, it's Friday again! Wow, this year is flying along. Have a grrreat weekend fellow bloggers and blog-observers.

We'll be blowing our noses, drinking water and resting up for what's cumming our way.

Fire and ice is nice. Luke-warm is okay too.

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