shaving time...  

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4/4/2006 10:23 pm

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shaving time...

All righty then!

I'll post two entries on this topic. One that's more like a distracted, horny man's set of instructions to other horny men.

The other one will probably get a little better ... reception ... from the ladies.

Ok, guys, this one's for you.

Get a fresh razor. Cheap ones are unreliable, wear out faster, cut more, and are in general a waste of time. Any of the double edged top-shelf brands will work. Triple or more blades sound cool, and they do cut through hair quickly, but you're going to need a precision tool here. Remember how narrow that inner labia is? How are you going to see what you're doing if the damn razor is twice as wide?

First off, don't try it on her first. If you think shaving pubic hairs is the same as shaving your face, you're wrong and it WILL NOT BE AS MUCH FUN FOR HER!!! Trust me, it took me three or four tries at it before I hit my stride.

Start with your own!!! I may be an oddball, but I think it's just unfair to expect a lady to try something I haven't tried (within the limits of anatomy...) myself.

The closest part of the male anatomy, in size, delicacy, difficulty to shave without nicking, and sensitivity, is the scrotum. Time to get naked down there! If you're too self-conscious to walk around the gym locker room clean-shaven, how can you expect her to be willing to do the same? Hypocrisy (double standard, etc) is really not a good policy here. You're either on this train or not.

Don't start there, though. The angles, pressure, soap used, etc are all totally different, at least for me, from shaving facial hair.

First off, all the ladies' hair I've had the (rather intense) pleasure of shaving has been fine, not at all rough and bristly like my beard.

Second, just like your face, it grows in different directions on different parts of her body. Each of the three ladies I've shaved (my inexperience showing a little too much here?) I've had to learn how their hair grows. NEVER shave against the grain. Ever. It's basically a guaranteed way to get ingrown hairs eventually.

Notice that hair will grow pointing towards the genitals. Up, from below. Down, from above. Somewhat disorganized but mostly sideways towards the genitals from the side. That's the direction you'll have to shave.

I've noticed that the labia, if they have hair at all, will be completely random. You'll just have to check it out and take a chance on picking a direction.

So a little recon is in order. This has to be done with light (duh...) so you can see it. Your focus is the hair, dumbass, not the wet lips hiding underneath! Stop that!

A little gentle stroking of the hair, and you'll see where the hairs point. You might need to gently use your fingernails (um, better avoid her lips here and use this method on the pudenda and surrounding skin).

This recon can be disguised as normal oral sex, just done in a place /time where you can see everything...

Get used to the LEAST amount of pressure needed for a good shave. Practice that on yourself. Shaving a face gets to be a pretty rough and tumble job sometimes. You need to be able to caress her skin with that razor as though you're shaving her with a butterfly wing. You're not dredging a canal here, you're using a surgically-sharp piece of steel on your lover!! Keep that in mind!!

I shave myself in the shower, since that's the easiest way to dispose of the shavings and I'm already wet and have access to soap. Very convenient. For her, you'll want a bed or maybe a really comfy chair.

Once you've convinced her to try, make it comfortable. She may be able to keep her legs open during missionary position, and for you to go down on her, but laying still for shaving isn't the same. She needs pillows under her knees, and probably her delicious ass and lower back, to get into the ideal position and still be relaxed. It's also a great position for post-shaving licking and straight forward skin on skin, slippery, deep, wet, long ... fucking. Oops, sorry, got a little carried away there.

If it's not already short, a trimmer is in order. Make sure you don't let it bite!! That's a good way to get tossed out of bed and have her never let you try it again! You can use the razor for it all, but it will take MUCH longer and she may lose interest along the way.

Personally, I make sure she's still interested by throwing a lick or two in between strokes of the razor. Get used to watered-down soap taste, it's worth it for her reaction...

I don't use shaving cream any more. I tried at first, but the job always takes longer than it lasts, and it tastes terrible. I fill a small bowl with warm to hot water, place in a 9x13 baking pan next to a folded-up hand towel. I put a bar of soap next to the towel. The pan and its contents go on the same towel you've got under her to catch excess water...

Dip your fingers in the water, then gently caress her hair, making sure to "accidentally" slip a finger across her clitoris or inside her lips. No matter what she says or does, DO NOT let this turn into a finger-fuck. Focus!

Stroke your fingers across the bar of soap and work that soapy water that's now on your fingertips into the place you're going to make that first stroke. I start with a top corner of the triangle, working my way down towards the clitoris equally on each side. After each stroke, put the razor head on the folded-up towel, and stroke backwards to unload the shavings. Don't dip it back in the bowl! If you need more water to help unload the razor, get another bowl. Keep those shavings away from her lips and vagina!

If her hair gets too dry, work some more water from the bowl into it gently. If the razor head chatters or drags too much, add a little more soap. I've found that by the time I reach the labia and clitoris, she's wet enough that I don't need any more water or soap.

Don't forget the perineum, or the inside upper thighs right near her vagina. If you're into anal, have her turn over and do those, too.

On to the crowning touch...

Gently tug on the outer labia and stroke the razor in the direction of most of the hairs. There almost certainly won't be many, and you and she might have never noticed them before, but there will likely be a couple. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Tug her inner labia and shave the inside and outside. If this doesn't make her come then you've been too gentle and relaxing and she fell asleep.

Make sure you get the direction of shave correct around the clitoris. It's almost like the hairs are the highway signs to the clit, I've found that within about 1/2" of a clitoris all the hairs point straight at it. A little sucking is in order here, to get that pleasure button up out of the way so you can gently press it away from the razor with a free finger as you get right up to it with the razor.

The biggest problem I've had at this point is that I forget the pan/bowl/soap/towel/razor on the bed and it crashes to the ground right in the middle of intense fucking. So police that stuff up and go get a toy or two while you're at it. Vibrators are totally different on shaved skin...

rm_mmmgoodnova 105M/105F
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4/6/2006 2:50 pm

Wow. This sounds much more erotic than my usual pattern of cursing, bending, turning, twisting, soaping up and gingerly going for it, bending, turning, twisting some more, dropping the razor, cursing some more...

rm_funinic 48M
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4/6/2006 5:23 pm

It's MUCH more fun as a group (at least couple) activity. It simply can't be equalled as foreplay. By definition, the lightest touch, with the most immediate sensations.


I'm going to get distracted now.

rm_funinic 48M
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5/22/2006 1:58 am

To those of you just reading this, know that I do practice what I preach...

I also always have a fresh razor handy, and a growing selection of scented soaps to use.

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