legs, collapsed  

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legs, collapsed

Managing three vibrators can be difficult at times, but highly enjoyable. Finding the right combination of size, shape, location of the vibrating egg within the toy, texture, and material was a real trick for us, but we finally got it right after experimenting with many variations. Today we found erotic perfection, having simultaneous multiple orgasms in glorious harmony, each triggering another round of unconrollable ecstasy in the other. Penetrating or enveloping, we both lost contact with the world and seemed to float above our bodies, souls combined in one expression of desire and love.

We settled on a large, gently studded, hourlgass-ending shape with increasing size towards the tip for me. It's made of the firm cream-colored silicone and is slightly flexible. You had gently but firmly eased it in and out, teasing me with the quickly increaing diameter that brought gasps and involuntary shudders from me each time, until I moaned and fell forward onto the sheets as you fully penetrated me for a change.

Your favorite vbrator was one that we had discovered soon after we began exploring our sexuality. A bit larger than me, made of a soft jelly silicone, it had a vibrator both in the tip and base, a gentle curve upwards, ribbed and studded base, and a slightly bulbous head that gently tickled your cervix. It got regular use both when you were with and without me...

The vibrator that we found, just recently, to explore your newfound desire for anal pleasure, was slightly different. It had a tight hourglass shape with a round base, that stimulated the highly sesitive external skin. It flared quickly, to push backwards just a bit and keep it fully inserted, then more gently to a size just under the size of the opposing vibrator within you. This one had matching twin vibrators in it, so that both would tickle and massage the same flesh, from each side, as we played.

I first lubricated and teased you with the slim vibrator, turned off for the moment, as you knelt before me. You shook a tiny bit as I smoothly and in one motion inserted it to full depth, and you pushed back against my hand as the base finally touched your skin.

Still kneeling, but now with face and shoulders collapsed onto the bed, I brought the larger vibrator against your lips. Turned on already, it sent electric shivers through your entire body as I gently spread you with my fingers. I teased you with its size, holding it at each depth for an instant then pulled back to just penetrating you, then returning to just beyond each time until you were completly filled. The inner vibrator was now against your cervix, causing involuntary contractions which pulled the toy more firmly inside you. The vibrator at the base, coupled with the flare, ribs, and gentle studs, aroused you so much that your lips swelled, engorged the same way they did when I sucked on them without the toy now filling you.

I lifted you gently from one side, sliding under you until my lips were just in contact with your clitoris, my hands pushing, moving, teasing the ends of both vibrators as my arms flexed your legs until your knees gripped my sides. Your breasts pressed against my hips, your lips found the head of my penis, your hands wandered up and down the insides of my legs. We both began to eagerly suck the other's quickly tightening and sensitive skin stretched across the other's swelled offering. I slowly turned on the vibrator which had almost been forgotten, easing its speed faster, then slower, setting up changing harmony with the constant hum of the unforgettable tickling at both ends of your vagina.

After what seemed an eternity, time lost to our senses, we each begin to feel in the trembling of the other our impending orgasms. Legs against my side, feet curled around my shoulders, my tongue against your dancing clitoris. I used one hand to continue to move the two vibrators gently, their heads meeting and separating across the thin inner barrier of your vagina, the bases causing twin reverberations that echo back and forth between grasping ends of the same well-toned muscle.

I can't keep from moving my hips, allowing you to rest your head against my thigh, the head of my penis slowly easing in and out of your mouth in time with my free hand's firm pressure against the curve of you lower back. Rocking your body forward and back, gently sliding the vibrator within me in and out as it rests against the bed, the inverse motions of my tongue sliding up and down on your clitoris and your lips on my penis foreshadow how we were about to come.

You come first, spreading your knees but curling your calves inward, pulling my shoulders with your feet, pressing my head harder against your sex, sliding up my shoulders, then neck, as you tense. As the first wave ends, your entire length fell onto me, triggering my orgasm. The gentle, expected flow from my tip, head pulsing with my hearbeat and gentle thrusting as we rocked, bring a full smile to your engaged lips as well, knowing that I could not hide my complete submission to your arousal. As I relaxed, your hips fall, and my hand slides down the center of your tensed cheeks, gently pressing you against my lips from a different angle. My tongue's motion changes from a hummingbird's dance to a barely felt stroke, following the outline of your clitoris well above its hood and all the way to where it ended, almost above your spread lips. I sweep my tongue time and again downwards, milking your clit, pulling your next orgasm closer and closer with my insistent stroking. You gasp, allowing a drop of my come to escape your lips, and you release yourself yet a second time....

When you finally rejoin your body, still locked in our embrace, still feeling the two vibrators tingling inside you, shaking, insistent in their buzzing penetration, my tongue more firmly gliding along your clitoris, you renew your attention to me. Sneaking your hands down, between and within our joined body, finding my nipples, you move your entire body in a slow dance across me. Legs, then stomach, then shoulders, then head against my thigh, then mouth sucking harder, commanding another orgasm. I answer you, this time with a less gentle stream of slightly thinner come, surprising me and drawing a moan from my lips, adding another vibration to the sensations assaulting your body. I lose myself in your mouth, lose my tongue in your lips, as if my tongue has joined your body and is part of you. I cannot feel the tears which mingle with your wet embrace, but I can feel the heat of my face increase and your thighs cool against my cheeks as I flush. My lips draw yours up, tensing them across the base of the vibrator which I have almost let go with my hand as I came. Feeling both of them move and almost escape you with your rhythmic, cyclic, orgasmic contractions around both slippery toys, I am reminded that I can still draw unexpected pleasure through you.

I allow both to slide halfway out, each slightly stretching your skin around its girth. Then I begin sliding them back in, each out of time with the other, rocking my hand to the time of your body, pushing them in and against you and then letting you reject them, trying to avoid their humming question. When you finally reply, it's with a shout that announces your third orgasm.

I gently pull out first the smaller vibrator, turning it off as the tip's buzz emerges. Then I ever so slowly release the larger one, still pushing back against me, still gripped tightly by the one remaining muscle tensed in your body. Just as it is about to escape, I turn off the vibrator, and press it back inside, its now quiet slickness once again parting you. I suck harder, pulling your clitoris well out of its half-hiding cloak, and begin to flick my tongue across its tip, slowly, matching the motion of the toy through your slightly numbed lips. It's my turn to smile as I feel your muscles completely relax, drawing the now silenced vibrator deep, touching my fingers to your lips. I stop my tongue's flick and close my mouth completely, enfolding your clit in my lips and stroking the length of my curled tongue across it, as you have your last orgasm of the night.

Finally, you are completely relaxed, dazed, and floating in a cloud of after-sex contentment. Your body is relaxed on mine, your calves and feet still cradling my shoulders, legs collapsed from the unbearable intensity of your release.

Good night, ladies, and sweet dreams...

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4/19/2006 6:25 pm

Starting a new trend in this post, commenting about what is real, real but not in this scene, and fantasy.

Real elements in this post: position, all oral, her orgasms, vibrator (not dual buzzing) in her fine wet...

Not integrated into this scene but real: toy for me during standard cowgirl position at the time, double penetration with single-buzzer vibrators for her with oral, from behind.

Fantasy: my orgasms (please please oh please someone help me!!!) studded toy for me, dual buzzer vibrators for her.

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