Our First Blog  

rm_funembrace2 56M
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8/28/2005 5:57 pm

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6/16/2006 2:06 pm

Our First Blog

Activities today;

He - sailing.

She - running, kayaking and several bouts of vibrator play.

Currently writing this blog prior to getting deep throat oral sex and whatever follows.

We just took photos of each other and the angst that comes with revealing yourself, your physical self to the person that has penetrated you at every angle. Why do we concern ourselves with this bullshit?

Is my belly to big? Do I look slutty? This is our "funniest" and most exciting time. At least for me it is. I do believe he feels the same.


Took the day off to go sailing. Katrina ended that idea. Capsizing in the Bay is no fun.

Instead we will visit a Dupont Circle sex shop to buy some goodies and then cross the bay bridge for a meal at Kent Narrows, on the water.

rm_jdansval 58M/62F
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2/16/2006 7:19 am

That sex shop in some ways is a wild dreams shop.

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