So i think i have it sorted ... but?  

rm_fun4u2nite5 34M
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4/6/2006 3:41 pm
So i think i have it sorted ... but?

Thanks to all the ladies who have helped me out and i'll be sure to put a few pics on my profile.
Then comes an even harder part. Fair enough you look at all the photos and read all of the intoductions and view some profiles and let me just say that there is plenty of women i'm sexually and mentally aroused by on this site but what is the nxt step. Sure enough i'd love to be out there meeting up with like minded people for a dam good time as much as possible but first out do you just wink at them to see if they respond or do you drop them a quick email.
One needs to know as I dont want to seem like all the other young testosterone filled males out there and on the other hand i dont want to come off like a wacko. ( apoligies to any wacko's reading this, no harm was intended ).

I think what im asking is...... Is there a specific protocol that I should follow to actually be able to meet up with some young or more mature ladies????

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