rm_fun2play95 51M
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7/3/2006 8:52 pm

Seems to me we all ultimately search for the same thing. Satisfaction to a hunger that may or may not be quenchable. Take me for instance a Forty one year old man that can walk into any club, and walk out with a very nice looking man to have my way with. Yet here I am in search of more. Human nature? I really think so!! I don't think that I am all that I'm very fortunate to have something called CHARISMA coupled with a little sex appeal and there you go. Online however Charisma doesn't show! Stripped of Charisma I'm just a 41 year old guy sitting here with my dick in my hand! I havent failed to notice there are a lot of people on this site doing essentially the same thing the extremely homely and the extremely gorgeous. Its fun to communicate with people you don't know!. It's also fun to get to know,sexually, mentally thoe who you don't know. Thus this fascination!! This hunger for more!.

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