I saw You  

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7/11/2005 2:19 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I saw You

Hi, I saw you the other day. You made my dick hard. I was strolling behind you and I noticed that beautiful ass. And I do mean beautiful. You were wearing a skirt and as soon as the sun hit that skirt just right. Underneath the skirt, I could see your panties, they look like thongs. That string must be in heavan lodged between those scrumptious cheeks of yours. I am watching you, and I notice you begin to look around so I avert my eyes. I don't want you to know that I am watching. I hope you don't look lower, because hiding my hard on would be impossible.

Damn, your hking up your skirt and sliding down your panties. I guess you just don't want to be wearing them anymore. It's obvious your not wearing a bra. Your tight, low cut top lets plenty of sun hit you. Just as I want to do. It seems like your getting horny. In fact, it looks like the more your exposed the hornier your getting. My dick is beating a song on my thigh. I don't know about you, but I am feeling great.

After about ten minutes, you start to scanning like your looking for a place. I hope it's for sex and I hope it's me that your going to have it with. Your patting yourself and now I realize. You want to masturbate. I want to fuck, but if watching you playing with yourself is all I can get, it's what I am willing to accept.

You start walking again and I follow. Where are you going? Damn, of course. The park. There are several hundred people there. What are you going to do and where? I watch you climb to the top of the bleachers to watch a football game. It's hot. How long am I going to have to wait. My black dick is straining. I can not wait to plunge it inside your hot juicy pussy.
If only in my dreams.

I see. Your stroking your pussy now. Your legs are a little closed amd you are most definately stroking your self. The more you stroke the harder I become. Your hands seem to be glistening and I can only imagine it is from all the juice. How I would love to lick those sweet juices off. Your other hand is now at your chest. A finger seems to be circling your nipple. Your eyes are now closed. This is my opportunity. I walk over to you. My dick hard and straining........ You open your eyes and ...........................

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