I love tthe way you cum  

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7/9/2005 11:06 am

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I love tthe way you cum

Your telephone call was a pleasant surprise. It was just as nice to get your email for the very first time. O.K. I am ready. I print your email. I don't want to take a chance on writing them down. I don't want to take a chance on missing you.

Thanks for getting in the car with me. I know a lot of women would have been experiencing feelings of trepidation. I am safe though. So you want to get your pussy eaten. I am willing and ready. Is your pussy wet? Are those juices. Is that why you are moving on my car seat like that? Put your hands on my leg/ Right there. Start at my knee and move up. I like that smile. I told you you would not have to slide up to far. It's a nice size isn't it. Slide over. Let me put my hand into your blouse and feel your breasts. I love the way your nipples are hardening under my finger tips. Feel my tongue over your breasts, over your nipples. I can't help it. I love sucking these nipples. They are great. You are right. My dick is getting harder.

So now you are pulling up your dress, huh? I didn't think you had on any panties because I could smell your pussy for the last 4 miles of our trip. Your fragrance is wonderful, exciting, arousing. Let me take off your shoes. Don't stop me as I suck your toes into my mouth. Even the polish on them looks slick.

Your legs and thighs are so beautiful. So sexy. I love caressing your flesh. Feeling them in my hands. Spread against the dashboard like that it is so sexy. It is the first time I have ever done this in a car.

Now you are spread out on the dash board and I am kneeling between your thighs, eating your pussy, as you have asked me to. I love this, You taste so good. You smell so good. Your thighs feels so good against the side of my face. move your hands along my hair like that. licking your lips, sucking your clit, big circles, small circles, hard, fard, slow soft, just eating your hot delicious cum.

Slide your pussy into my face. Pour your cum into my mouth. i want it all over my lips. What do you mean you can't be still. o.K. here is my finger inside your pussy and you are cumming again. I have your cum all over my finger and with it, I am sliding my finger into your ass. Does that feel good???? Geuss what?

That black hard dick that you first felt? Well it has been beating a hole in the floor board of my car? Any idea where else I can put it?

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