Profiles A Closer Look?  

PesosBedewAfoot 69M
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6/15/2006 9:45 pm
Profiles A Closer Look?

When you view a profile what do you look at? Do you really take the time to read them? To read between the lines? To interpret the message? I was looking at one today 6/15/06 and they were the beautiful couple looking for the same or select singles D/D. Um what does D/D mean? Drug free yes. Disease free? does that mean that you don't show pictures with sores on your lips? Cold sores? (herpes?) sore on the inside of your thighs,or balls or????? Give me a old?, over weight? skinny no tit or barbie? as long as she or they are clean. D/D I wish AdultFriendFinder would some how make it so that if the couple doesn't want a single guy to Email or wink or what ever, would make it so that I know or that we speaking a class of men or women would not waste time going to look also . You men that poise as women in your un pictured or ask me for a photo then you get to a site you think is a woman its a Dick HEAD. If I want a Dick Head I know where to go look don't waste my time. A woman can be just as wrong "HOT AND WET PUSSY FOR YOU COME AND GET IT" you go no single men women only, Pure bullshit tell it like it is ladies!!!
Well enough whines from me I'm out of cheese and crackers

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