Not sure if I want an intimate relationship!  

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5/20/2006 9:07 am

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5/31/2006 12:08 am

Not sure if I want an intimate relationship!

As the old alley cat walks the fence singing ....

It is so true we are nothing but mammels but what sets us apart from the animals? We have sex, we eat, we sleep and of course we play ... we've all seen this through out our lives, right! So what makes us different from the rest of the creatures on this planet?

You may ask "now whats that darn old alley cat up to?" so let me explain. I recieved a question asking what I meant in my profile when at one time I had "not sure if I want an intimate relationship" Of course if you've read old fritz's updated profile you will see that 2 very wonderful people have clued fritzy in that he is not a true player anymore..... yeah BEEN THERE, DONE THAT! So when this new question came about of course it got me a thinkin, what did I mean.

Well if you read what a woman means to me you will know that I don't want to play. animals have sex to keep the breed alive and often but once or twice a year. Well, unlike our animal cousins we are pleasure seekers which is all good and well. And yes even fritzy knows it can be fun. But, thats just sex! No need to find the real woman inside just plain good old fashioned get your clothes of baby and I'll pig f**k you sex! Foreplay and all the rest but no intimacy....dam theres that intimacy thing again. So whats the difference. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lets see....

It is surely different to all of us and so it should be but to me there really is a difference. With good old fashioned sex we touch, moan and of course copulate. This we can do with anyone, most anytime and of course anywhere... da plane, da plane, oops! We grope, kiss and fondel each other's anatomy with of course an orgasm or 4 in mind. SEX SEX SEX SEX and just plain old fashioned good time SEX!!!!!!!! nothing more. :>)

But intimacy, which is what I am after is always there. Its holding hands walking down the street. Smiling when you see each other at the end of the day. Sharing the trials and tribulations you've encountered along the way. Having a smile come across you're face when you hear tHiER voice and wanting to be with no other. So yes, there is a difference but you may ask "what about the sex fritz?" Well, with sex you will NOT notice the way her breasts swell or her nipples become erect as you begin to caress with a gentle touch. The way you glide your tongue along the nap of her neck slowing venturing across her lips, her throat on your way to explore. Her scent or the way her lips moisten and pupils dialate and all senses become alert and aroused. With sex you miss the way she gasps for air as your tongue finds a firm nipple and your mouth opens to enjoy all that is there. The way her body becomes alive as your hand slides gentle up her thigh, no groping here! Ever so gentle sliding across her womanhood to find another thigh to caress and explore. The cuvature at the small of her back and that sweet round buttocks. And as her womanhood becomes moist and ready you begin to kiss her tummy, perhaps venture to her back exploring every gentle curve, every fold, everywhere. Hands and tongue in motion with eyes open to enjoy all that is there. For with intimacy the senses are truely aroused, penetration is not required to send her to the clouds. (Been around awhile kids, live hard, ride hard and love a land far away and a time long ago!) Thank you ladies and you know who you are, for you have awoken the senses in fritz! Today it is not just my pleasure I seek to fullfil for a womans body is an art form that should be enjoyed with respect, appreciation and admiration. The sensitivity as you kiss beneath her breast, the small of her back and behind her knees exploring and enjoying as we go. (finish that thought later when I find that special someone, the exploration continues)

?:> was it good for you?

Our animal cousins smell each other and go right for the sex and that is sex. So what is the difference, with sex you see each other across a room, a spark ignites and the question asked ... "you're place or mine baby, wanna f**k"
You know sex, fun, fondle but never caress just intercourse or just plain sex. With intimacy all senses are included and stimulated including the mind. Making love like a womans body is in itself an art form and not to share with just anyone. We've all seen it but may not identify intimacy for what it is so the next time your walking down the street observe the elderly couple moving slow but still holding hands. Stop a moment and look at the way they look at each other and how much they care. They've made there life and had lots to share. They have true intimacy which will not die until their time is through.

So now I've said my peace and know what intimacy is to me...DO YOU?




P.S. of course we are all animals and when with that special someone even fritz can be a pig, not always but a PIG just the same.


ShyWhisper2006 53F
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5/23/2006 8:34 am

*giggles as she blushes*...Well put Fritz...I must say you captured that well and it is very true.
One has to know that it starts in the mind the slow seduction of another and the spark shared between two can be one that is not spoken but felt and man you know when it is felt. To hear another laugh as they relax and get comfortable around you and knowing that just the slightest touch could set off fireworks . happens and to some of us more quiet and shy ones as well.
To be able to express this among other things is a treat for such senses and is looked upon as another way to get to know another and ..what makes them tick, so to speak *smiles*

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