How to do Tricks on The Computer  

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How to do Tricks on The Computer

A Day in the Life

From time to time a real challenge came along.

MASTER MOON: Hello there. (as usual the phone made

Me jump.

LAURA: Hiya, how are you doing?

MASTER MOON: Very good thank you. Are you in the mood for a little role playing there?

LAURA: Sure what do you have in mind?

MASTER MOON: I see your profile says you are submissive.

Laura: Ooooh okay, you’re into the Master/Slave thing. (I learned this stuff very fast.)

MASTER MOON: May I call you on the phone as well?

Laura: My other phone isn’t working. (I lied.)

I hated talking on the phone, still do, and I avoid it whenever I could. It especially gets difficult when doing my act, I almost strangled myself with the cord a few times while my customer decided whether he was a tits or an ass man. In the summertime I can’t imagine what my neighbors must think if they can hear me. They apparently are looking for the hot stud I have hidden in my house when I notice them peering between their curtains. If they listen closely, they have to be confused as hell. Not only do the video/phone customers want you to scream, but they want you to scream their names as well. I suppose I am very fortunate I have never had the police at my door answering a call on a suspected in the neighborhood.

Master Moon did not seem too disturbed that the phone was unavailable. He ordered me through the tit slapping, ass fucking and dildo sucking slowly. I had worked up a sweat before not too long and then he decided to get creative wanting to prove what a unique master he was.

MASTERMOON: Okay slave now take your stockings off one at a time.

I had the stay up variety on and felt grateful to take them off as I had gotten so hot with the work out. I slowly pulled down the first one. He tried to get me to tie my tit up with it but it kept popping off.

MASTERMOON: Roll it up Slave.

LAURA: Okie dokie master.

I squeezed the nylon stocking up in a little ball.

MASTERMOON: Now put it in your mouth!

Yuck! I pressed it up against my mouth keeping my lips shut while I grabbed a new one I had on the side.

LAURA: Ahchoo!

MASTERMOON: Bless you slave!

I did the switch after faking a sneeze.

MASTERMOON: Put all of it in there slave.

Man I was glad I had that new nylon handy.



LAURA: Are you fucking nuts? What are you trying to do kill me??




(hmmm a quiet one)

LAURA: so, are you in Philadelphia?

MANINPH: No I'm in Panty Hose

LAURA: alrighty then


SOLEMAN: Hey baby looks like your toe nails need a Polishing. What colors you got there Goddess?

LAURA: Hiya sweetie. I’ll show you.

I excused myself for a minute and dug in my nail polish drawer pulling them all out to give my foot loving friend his choice. He picked a very tame color and stayed for two coats then watched me get off for the big finale.

ELSIESMAN: Hiya gorgeous do you have any clothes that resemble what a secretary would wear to to the office.

LAURA: Well I….

SOLEMAN: I have to run anyway Goddess, but just answer

One question for me before I leave.

Who is the most beautiful Goddess that walks this earth.

I knew the routine.


I couldn’t help feeling like a mousketeer when I answered him.

SOLEMAN: Okay Goddess you take carexxxx.

I kissed the camera good bye while typing to ElSIESMAN simultaneosly.

LAURA: You will have to give me a few minutes.

Normal clothing took a while to find.

ElSIESMAN: Okay see you back here in five.

LAURA: Okie dokie, five minutes!

I heard the sound of the cash register closing to signify he had left the room and raced into the closet flinging my clothes in the air in search of a professional blouse and neat short skirt from my accountant days of yore.

"Ouch," the pin holding the skirt to the hanger pricked me. I scrambled into the skirt and blouse. Egads, I realized I probably should find a bra too. I opened a dreary underwear drawer and started tossing the bras and panties out on the bed. ‘No that one had holes in the nipples, goddammit I knew that I owned something besides thongs…somewhere. I started working up a sweat for this guy before my act. All I knew was that this guy better fucking show up after all this. I ran back to the computer chair and started to brush my hair. OH FUCK SHOES! Back to the closet I grabbed some modest heels and hobbled back to the desk with one shoe on and my hand digging around for something stuck in the toe of the other.


Oh God no time to even take a drag of my cigarette.

ELSIESMAN: No glasses?

Sheesh, some sign of appreciation.

LAURA: Oh yes.

I grabbed my glasses from the corner of the desk and put them on. Yikes, my contacs were in! I maneuvered them to the edge of my nose so I could look above the lenses to read the screen. It still irks me that I have yet to win the "Most Willing to Fulfill Requests" Award. I found a notepad and pen within arms reach and while looking up pretended to scribble some dictation.

ELSIEMAN: do you have any milk?

Oh no! After all my preparation this would turn into a lactating freak.

LAURA: I never even had any kids.

ELSIESMAN: LOL, no sweetheart I mean in the


LAURA: Oh wow, lunch-time already. I believe I do

Have some. Hold on, this won’t take me as

Long as it did to find the get up.

I slipped my feet out of the shoes and felt the nail polish sticking to the nylon over the toes. I made a mental note to look out for quick drying enamel next time I went shopping. I decided to walk down the stairs and grabbed the half-gallon of milk out of the fridge and took a glass out of the cabinet.

ELSIESMAN: Great! Now can you drink some leaving a white moustache above your upper lip.

Hmmm, he must either have a thing for huge Norwegian ladies from Wisconsin or healthy little girls.

LAURA: Mmmmmmmmm!

God I never had liked white milk.

ELSIESMAN: Ah yes, perfect now let it drip down your chin.

Well my shirt was bright white and I hadn’t worn it in years and probably wouldn’t in the near future. I let the milk drip down my chin.

ELSIESMAN: Good…wonderful, now undo the buttons on your blouse for me.

I undid them slowly, and then the bra when he told me to continue.

ELSIESMAN: Oh baby you’re so hot. Now drink some

More milk, let it splash down on those

Beautiful tits.

I did as he said.

LAURA: does the body good!

I rubbed my stomach.

ELSIESMAN: LOL, okay now the skirt, go slow, I

don’t want to cum right away.

Well we certainly couldn’t have that! I continued in slow motion, wishing the milk could cooperate and in a half hour I thought I should have a ribbon wrapped around my chest as the New Calcium Queen. I was saturated in milk by the time he finished and hurriedly threw everything in the wash after the cash register closed, redoing my bed and changing into a casual baby doll.

RRRRING-Just as I finished lighting my smoke! Who said this job was no good for me?


(I know this one)

Oh boy, I started trying to think if I had any lollipops in the house.

LAURA: Who loves ya baby?

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