MASTERBATION STORY - a friend of mine  

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7/28/2005 7:37 am

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MASTERBATION STORY - a friend of mine

Work was very busy... phone call after phone call... fire after fire. you almost forget that during the drive to work you experienced an intense rush of pre-orgasmic sensation -- you new you would not last the day without releasing this wave. but now its 5:30 p.m. and you never left your work station. In any case your day was productive -- all the calls were answered successfully and all the fires extinguished -- except for one...

the ride home is relaxing and that pre-orgasmic sensation is cumming back -- not in a rush but a slow build; it excites you; the spasms you have surprise you. oddly though traffic is light. you do not stop long enough to rub your aching clit. you feel your pussy welling up but you must concentrate on driving.

you've been in these clothes all day and once you get home you feel as though you can't get out of them fast enough. your body is screaming for attention but this feeling is too good to rush the release. your hungry and need a relaxing shower, so you fight the urge for awhile longer.

Home at last, you kick your shoes of and lay down your bag, loosen your hair and head to the kitchen. you put left overs in the oven to heat slowly and then go to your bedroom. your knees are weak. you're next to your bed and the urge to lay down, spread your legs and rub your wet pussy is strong but now is not the time... you're anticipating a marathon session... " strong..." you think... "...take a shower and get something to eat..."

you go to the bathroom in your bra and panties and turn on the water. you remove your bra. your pussy is so wet your panties are soaked and slippery. as you remove them they peel from you stimulating your clit... "...ohhhh!!!...." you say. you were not prepared for that. you catch a glimpes of yourself in the mirror. you're completely naked. steam is begining to surround you. your nipples are hard and sensitive to the changing temperature. you can barely think straight. you know how hard you will cum later. the image of you naked in bed begins to overwhelm you. "...shit! dinner is in the oven..." you think. "...must take a shower and get down there..."

you're refocused... "get in the shower, wash, and go eat..." you begin to lather up starting with your upper body, then one leg & foot, the the other. you save your ass and pussy last. whlie lathering between your ass cheeks and arcoss your pussy the spasms return and your knees weaken. you try not to notice that your skin has become ultra-sensitive. every stroke of your soapy hands makes your mouth water -- you catch yourself moaning, "...stop it..." you think.

you escape yourself and get out of the shower, put on your terry-cloth robe and leave the steam-filled bathroom. your skin is soft, moist, and flush. your hair is wet. and the robe against your naked body is soothing. its 6:00 p.m. now and you ready to eat a relax in front of the tv for a while.

you curl up on the couch with a hot meal and begin flipping through the channels. the day was long and hectic. eating and watching tv helps you unwind, but every few minutes you think forward to laying in bed and... "...not yet...", you think, and turn the channel.

its 9:00 p.m. your clothes are laid out for tomorrow and you can't put off masterbating anymore. you turn the tv off and head to the bedroom. its quiet and calm. you have been naked all evening and your body is poised for pleasure.

the lamp is on giving off the perfect amount of light. the full length mirrors around the bed are perfectly positioned for you to see yourself masterbate. you let your robe drop to the floor and you slowly slide into bed. now you let go... no more holding back... the sexual impulses that have built up during the day cum crashing in... you are face down in bed, you knees under you. you use both hands to rubs your ass slowly and softly. you lightly run your fingers across your ass hole several times. you feel your pussy start to clinch, quiver, and get wet. your knees start to spread and you turn your head toward the mirror. the image of your round ass being caressed by your soft hands send shivers up your spine... you moan with delight. then for the first time you run your fingers across your dripping pussy. you nearly jump off the bed and you let out an "...oh!!!..."

you roll over on your back, your knees up, and your long leggs spread as wide as possible, and your back arched. both hands caress your tits. from time to time you tweak your nipples and moan at the sensation. again you look at the mirrors. the image of you completely naked... your tits, your vaginal mound, your legs, your feet... gives you butterflies... you are lost in sensation, in erotic sexual pleasure... nothing exists but you and your self-love.

with one have concentrating on your breast your other hand slowly slides toward your wet aching pussy. its wet, chivering and on the verge of orgasm. "....OHHH MYYY G-O-O-O-D-D-D!!!!..." you say out loud. your pussy craves your fingers. you raise your legs, trying to gain full exposure to your pussy. your fluids spread from your pussy making the entire area slippery. stoking your wet pussy is effortless. you stroke your pussy rhythmically, instinctively... "...OOOHHHH!!!..." you put your feet back down on the bed and raise you ass off the bed and then back down. you feel your pussy begin to contract. your fluid begins to flow more and more... your finger are thick with it... you love it!!! you spread it over your body... your movements are automatic now... you moan with every breath... your eyes open and close... the image in the mirror is in perpetual motion... one hand rubbing and fingering feverishly the other hand squeezing and rubbing your breasts and nipples... "...OOHHH MYYY GGGODDDDDD!!!!....", "YES...YESSS...YEEESSS..." "...OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH.....YEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!" YOURE CUMMING, EJACULATING, RUBBING, CARESSING, WRITHING...

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7/28/2005 9:28 am

hey! I did something like that once. It feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy and horny .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My whole bed was wet and sticky!!!!!!!!!!

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