another tryst....another day...  

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10/1/2005 4:21 am

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another tryst....another day...

Manage to contact her this morning, ask her if we should bring some equipment. She paused awhile before asking, " what equipment ? "

Well, I said, some shaving cream and a brand new shaver plus some honey if she prefers.

Might have some problem, what if my husband were to ask ?? She said. Why didn't I thought of it, what if my wife were to ask also ????

Well, we could both end up answering to our spouses but wait a minute, we could also surprise them tonight with the bare truth and have fun also.

Ok. See how it progress, she said and we put down the phone.

Pick her up from a different bus stop, we drove and she asked if I have brought the "equipment".
I gave a big smile and she rest on the car seat.

As ususal, I park the car, went to check in and called to inform her the room number.

The door bell rings, I opened the door and she came in quickly.

I took out the plastic bags containing the "equipment" and we looked at each other.
Who's first ? I asked. She told me to shave first, so I went into the toilet and sit on the long bath ledge and start to shake the can of foam. She ask if I need help and I let her spray the foam onto my pubic hair. She over spray, onto my nuts as well and start to spread the foam all over the pubic hairs. It felt minty and went she took the shaver and start to shave from the edge. My tool start to engorge and she give me a wicked smile and spray the foam to cover my tool. I took over and start to shave myself until the parts which eventually she help me to shave clean. I never felt so bare and horny before. I sit on the toilet seat as she took her turn to spray the foam onto her pubic area and start shaving. As for the parts that she couldn't shave, I help her a bit. It was quite difficult so we move to the bed and she spread her legs so that I can do a clean shave.

We went to shower each other and before we knew it, I was pumping my tool into her while standing. Later I poistion her doggie and start pumping into her and me laying on the longbath while she rides me till I shot my load into her.
We collapse into each other as the shower batter onto our naked bodies.

We dry ourselves and cuddle each other for a while before her tongue start to caress my tool.
She is sending me to heaven again........
I move slowly to 69 position. What a view....!!!! cleanly shaved pink pussy. It was moist. I use my tongue to venture into the moist cunt and I could hear her moans. As I lick, I start finger fucking her and she was begging me not to stop. I turn around and pu;; her to the edge of the bed and spread her legs and started to feast on her cunt cum and finger fucking her.
a moment later, she told me to stop and put my dick into her. As I rammed into her pink pussy, she screamed at me to fuck faster and harder and before I knew it, she quibble as she comes and asked me not to stop.
I pull it out and she gobbles at my dick and before long I shot my load into her mouth and she did not stop. It was the best fuck we ever had.
We were lying opposite each other and admiring each other bare and hairless private parts.
It is the most amazing beautiful and so full of lust...

we rest a while before we when into the shower to wash ourselves. As we bath each other, my dick start to hardened again. That's something new.... we never done it 3 times in one session...must be the shaving...

we got ourselves dry and hit immediately to the writing desk. I position her on the writing desk
as I sit on the chair, admiring her pussy before ebgulfing my face into it. Exploring a whole new world. I stood up and push my tool into her and at the same time licking her hardened nipples. Slowly, I make her lay on the desk and continue with our love session. She push me out and ask me to sit on the chair and she position herself sitting with her back facing me. She was ridding me wild with her varity of leg movements.

I started to move upwards and become doggie..her hands were resting on the desk while my hands were grabbing her beautiful boobs and pounding her doggie style...

We never make it to the bed....

we start to wash up again as it was getting quite late... 4 and 1/2 hours...
We took one last look at each other before fully clothing ourselves and she left for the car park.

We met at the carpark and as i was driving her to the bus stop, I told her.... hope our spouse don't need shaving also... and a good....f..k...

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