Going to Johor  

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10/15/2005 4:17 am

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Going to Johor

Drove through the second causeway to meet up a client. called him that i will be there in about 25mins and he told me to take my time.

upon arrival, she greeted me and took me to the office and we had a short discussion before she took me to the city for lunch.

We didn't talk much except that she asked if I am tired. After lunch, she took me to a massage parlour. The place was decent enough and i check in and went straight to room and took a shower.

about 10 minutes later, a knock on the door and a woman came in. quickly i dry myself up and wrap the towel on and lie down on the bed.

The lady was in her twenties and spoke poorly and she was very good with her hands. She was massaging my back and when she ask me to turn to face her, my towel sort of came loose and she told me it's OK.

The best part was when she massage my groin area, my dick started expand immedaitely. She is very good....

Suddenly, I could feel warm in my dick and as i open my eyes, she was doing blowjob.. It was one of those sudden thing that happened and I just closed my eyes and relax as I can feel my legs softening. I asked her why she is doing it and she told me that it was been paid for and she is asked to perform blowjob and other stuff, etc...

It must be crazy, the decent looking lady client getting me laid and blown off.

anyway, i just relax and she continue to BJ me.
She stop for a while and I can feel her putting condom onto my prick. She start saddling herself onto me. She was like a wild horse and i let her continue for about 5 minutes before I reposition her to doddie style. I grab her beautiful boobs as i trust into her and which i offload my seed into her. I continue to doggie her and he told me to relax as it is a two session course.

I still couldn't believe that my client actually set me up for this two session course.

I went into the shower and she join me. we wash each other out and dry each other off.
I told her that it would be nice if she could just BJ to orgasm and she oblige..

I lie down at the edge of the bed as she blow my mind off..........

I showered again and dress up. It must have been almost 2 hours and my client was at the lounge having coffee all this while.
I greeted her and she gave me the cheeky smile and along the way back to her office, she asked how was the massage. I told her it would have been better if it was her and suddenly silent was in the car. Oops, I though i said the wrong stuff and apologised to her for my rudeness.

She told me that the next trip that i am coming she will try to arrange something. but it will be next week.

As i took my car and drove my way back to Singapore, it makes me wonder what does she meant by arrange something. well, i don't mind boning her as she is sweet and innocent looking and has beautiful body as well.

I will definitely visit this particular client regularly and ensure a good and competitive pricing to her for her excellent service.

petitemum 36F
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4/20/2006 10:48 pm

Hi dear

My my I would love to set up a massage ssn like yours for my dear husband for his bday. Guess it is a fantasy for me but I know he will not hv sex with anyone else other than me...unless it is a set-up like yr case! Can you recommend me the massage parlour - any in Singapore as well? Thanks! E-mail me at petitemum1980 at yahoo.com

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