That First One  

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11/5/2005 4:15 am

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That First One

The preceding story about the pig was entirely fictional. I'm so horrible about honesty that I had to mention that. It was a good story, though. However, I do believe that's roughly the sound you'd expect from such a projectile.

I've also wondered if folks were saying 'blog' or vomiting unexpectedly. I've got good reflexes and I've held their hair back for them dutifully, only to find they were trying to tell me about their little online diary.

I find it interesting, and quite telling, that most of the word 'blog' consists of the syllable 'blah'. It's pretty much that and a 'g' sound. How's that for delving. So, we have a 'g' and a bunch of 'blah' - and it's sweeping the country. Is this what it's all come to?

I suppose I'm preaching to the whore, though. You, the reader, clearly likes to read blogs (or else you wouldn't be here) so maybe I shouldn't be so harsh on them.

You see that? I passed up a perfectly good opportunity to say 'hard on'. Yeah, right there at the end of that last sentence.

You see that? I passed it up, then made a big deal of it in it's own paragraph, including directly stating the very thing I was bragging about avoiding. And now I'm going to go down the page as if nothing even happened. Shh, so are you.

That was a nice tangent... got to talk about 'good' and 'hard on' and 'big' and 'go down' and 'Shh' and you. How good are you at taking hints, I wonder...?

I'm really done talking about blahhhhhhgs now. I drive a van. Oh yeah, in the manner of apologizing for making up that whole embalmed pig story (their noses - frickin' strange!), I was going to mention that unlike 23023820398 or so people on this site, I use my real age. It gets pretty infuriating that I miss the cutoff for some delicious delights because of the honesty there - especially when I keep hearing I could pass for much younger. You ladies sure know how to build a liar, whether that's the goal or not. Rock me soon or I'll turn 23 overnight. It is, you know, the right thing to do. The world doesn't need more dishonesty.

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