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11/5/2005 3:48 am

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Perhaps if I make a study of the word 'blog' I won't be so opposed to it. 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer', they say. 'If you stare long into the abyss', they say, 'the abyss stares also into you.' Well, in that case, it was Nietzsche rather than 'they' that said it. Good stuff, though.

In high school, we had to cut up various animals and poke around in them pretending to learn something. The books had worked okay for me, and the only thing I gained from the corpse-shredding was a burnt-in memory of my teacher saying 'tympanic membrane' several times in rapid succession with some other nonsense Biology junk stuffed in there. That, and the time my partner got overzealous with the prodding instruments and a picked over dead pig fetus; when a snag and a hand slip added up to flying zombie pork, landing on the linoleum and casting off some random bits of rind. The sound it made was, distinctly and without a doubt: blog.

Technically, blog is short for weblog. Why on earth this is a good idea I don't know; but it's cheaper than the ridiculous online games everyone is so into now, and in a few years I'll have some text instead of a sword on a hard drive on a shut down game server. Maybe I'll need to get some dead dragon graphics for the weblog, for that same feeling of accomplishment.

Well, I think I've delved this topic to it's ultimate reality. Either that or I've rambled a few paragraphs carefully escaping anything useful. Actually, it's pretty safe to rule out the delving, since I'm quite certain I don't care enough to delve into such nonsense as 'blog'. But I did get to tell a cool story and quote some Nietzsche (as well as dropping his name twice to make me sound extra cool).

Finally, I will say that I once maintained a log. It was a work log, chronicling countless hours spent monitoring a movie theater projection booth. Meant to explain repairs and issues, I turned it into a several-volume log, story, and tome of humor. The whole lot was unceremoniously destroyed without my permission and I was displeased. Each of you would pay hardcover prices to peruse that lost delight, if only it were still extant. Maybe this will develop into a superior work. Don't hold your breath. Or hold it, but with good reason, while staring at my navel. That's mostly what I'm here for, and it would certainly inspire a finer blog in the long run. Wouldn't you want me to have a better blog?

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