Yesterday Was My Birthday  

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5/22/2005 8:53 pm

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Yesterday Was My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. Typical image comes to mind of birthday cakes, sing-o-grams, some hot AdultFriendFinder women hopping out of a cake (inserting subliminal message here for said women to respond directly to me at fr2endofp) and maybe a minimal amount of family time as in the call from mom to remind you how many hours of labor it took to get your melon head out and into the world.
Here's what Lucky #27 was like for me.

1) I was at work, which wouldn't be so bad except for the poor elderly woman who erupted from both ends of her body like a cheaply made pipe bomb in the restroom and then had the audacity to tell me that the damage was done by a "little kid" when she was decorated like Charlie having a very bad day in the Chocolate Factory. I understand if people are sick, and sometimes things like that do happen, but cowboy up and just be straight about it. I'll clean it up anyway. LOL

2) I had two customers and one employee offer to spank me when it was announced over the loud speaker that I was now 27. Only one of which I seriously considered.

3) I'm still waiting on the birthday kiss someone promised me.

4) Thanks to those who sent little emails and cards to me telling me happy birthday and the one anonymous handwritten apology for "acting like a pinata in the restroom." It was all appreciated.

Here is hoping that all of you are having a good week (and I'll be waiting for all of those emails)

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