First weekend at the University of Iowa  

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6/11/2005 8:28 pm

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First weekend at the University of Iowa

I like to tell this story, especially to parents whose kids are going off to college.

My first weekend in Iowa City was pretty much my first vacation without my family. When I showed up on campus the Wednesday before school, there really wasn't anyone there besides people that were pledging to fraternities and sororities. So I showed up, got my things packed away the way I wanted them before my roommate came for the weekend. As soon as my family left in the minivan I went outside and started exploring the area around my building, trying to figure out where things were. As I was walking around, I heard someone call my name. I turned around and I ran into a girl from my high school who also was going to go to Iowa and we started chatting about plans later in the evening. We agreed that we would meet up for dinner and go out then kind of walk around the city exploring.
I got a call later in the evening asking if it was okay if one of her new "sisters" came along. I said fine so we met up for dinner downtown in the Old Capitol area and they both invited me over to their dorm for drinks after. We were playing some drinking games, getting pretty wasted, when we all decided we should play a little game of truth or dare. Things started out pretty simple with Truth because we weren't quite drunk enough for dare, so as we went on things got progressively more risque. There was a lot of making out and groping going on between the three of us until we all three were naked and sticky from the saliva from our mouths. The alcohol had thrown our collective inhibitions out the window. By this time we had started doing "tag-team dares" where one person starts out with an act to be done and the second person either alters it or expands on it in a way that it involves that other person. An example would be where both of them would be licking up either side of my dick or I and either one of the girls would be holding hands fingering the other. Things went on like this until it was time for another dare. My friend from home dared me to slide myself in her and come. After she asked me to do this her "sister" added "while I fuck you from behind with this" and at that she opened a drawer and pulled out a very large black strap on....

To be continued.

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