First Weekend at the University  

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6/18/2005 9:25 pm

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First Weekend at the University


I said to her, "You have got to be kidding me!" and she just laughed and said "it's not for you silly, it's for her," at which point my friend said, "It's alright I'm ready for it anyway" and she laughed. At that I and the well hung strapped on sorority sister attacked from different sides holding each others hands as we sandwiched my friend in between us. As soon as I had slid myself into my very wet friend, I could feel the strap on rubbing against my balls, it's well-lubricated coolness tickling me closer to orgasm. I changed my tempo a little so we were seesawing my now "good" friend between us like a hot potato, and it wasn't much longer that I felt I couldn't last much longer and I could feel my friend getting ready to come too. I grabbed the sorority sister's hand a little tighter to let her know what was going on and we both picked up the pace and the noise level from my friend picked up from low moans to joyous screams as she came hard enough to knock me over the edge with her. After we laid around and cooled off laying naked out on the small deck that they had outside their window letting the cool October wind roll over us. I remember thinking at the time that I knew my life had definitely changed and that I would be experiencing 10 times the things in one year than I would in 20 years in my hometown. A little while later the three of us came back in and snuggled under blankets until we feel asleep.
I headed back to my dorm room across town about noon the next day after a generous day of sleeping in, just in time to catch my roommate pulling up in his car with about 3 guys with him. The three guys totally jumped out of the car and ran into the building with some rather large moving boxes. I looked at my roommate Matt inquisitively, and he responded, "They want to get the wet bar in first" and I laughed. I had an inkling what our weekend was going to be like so I helped him grab some stuff and we got him settled in. After awhile of some Madden time with the boys we gathered a large group of guys from our hometown that we knew had come the same day and invited them to our room to plan the evening's festivities. At one point we had 20 19-year olds hunched into our little room along with 30 cases of beer, three bottles of Jagermeister, a bottle of Bacardi, a couple fifths of Jack Daniels and a 24 pack of Coke. And we still didn't think we had enough...
To be continued...

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