5-26 part one  

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9/7/2005 6:49 pm
5-26 part one

If you were here beside me right now....I would start kissing you are lips , I'd run my tongue along you are lips and kiss the corners of you are mouth. Then I'd lick you are teeth sweeping them across with my tongue and placing my tongue in your mouth, you'd suck on it kissing me back. I'd run my fingers through you are hair drawing you are head in closer to mine and kiss you deeply. My hand would trace you are face as we kiss longingly and I would hold your strong jaw in my hand. I would inhale your kisses as I leave your mouth and use my tongue to find my way to you are ear. I would lick the edge of you are ear and nibble on it some. Then I'd gently place my tongue in you are ear licking and kissing at one time lick down you are neck to you are chest, and back up to you are mouth again. Amusingly we'd kiss longing for more sensual pleasures.
Slowly I'd remove you are shirt from you are body and reveal you are beautiful chest as I inhaled the smells of you are body. Lowering my head I'd kiss my way down to you are chest from you are mouth swirling you are Chest hairs with my tongue on the way. I would lick around you are nipples careful not to touch them, lick down you are tummy to you are waist of you are pants and back up. Rubbing you are chest with my hands and kissing you fully.
Drawing on you are smells and loving it I would take my hand and hold your chest as I ran my tongue along you are nipple and watch how your body reacts. Caressing you I'd slide my hand down your pants and scratch your leg on my way back up. This arouses you as you become more excited. Rubbing my hand around over your waist and down the other leg and gently touching you are penis through you are pants as my hand passes by. I undo you are pants and I'd toss them onto the floor. I would remove the rest of your clothes from your body,then I'd send you into the shower.
While you were in there, I'd put on some ac/dc and get dressed in a new very low cut black dress with something nice underneath it along with thigh high boots.
Then I light the house with candles and shut off all the lights, I even sneak one into the washroom as I shut off you are light too, placing a candle in the room with you. When you look over you see my silhouette in the light and you smile. you devilish man.Almost magically my hair is curled and make up is on and I look stunning. You look like a wet rat.
I call out you are name in a hide and seek kinda way and tell you I have a surprise for you, to be quick. As you step out I wrap you in a huge fluffy towel and tell you to dry off.

What you didn't notice earlier is that I put the canopy up on the bed, and it's covered in a dark zebra print cloth. The bedroom has a jungle glow going. You come in looking for me but I'm not here, just a note beside a pair of fresh silk boxers telling you to get a drink for you are self
You go to the kitchen through the dark living room and on the table are two glasses of your favorite beverage to drink. You call for me and I reply from the living room. You walk into the dark room and sort of see me standing in the corner. I walk towards you wearing the dress and heels. I kiss your mouth as I take you are drink and drink some . Wet lips shining I kiss you again and fall to the floor. In front of you I stick my tongue up your boxers and lick your balls. running a piece of silk through you are legs I stand.
I tell you to turn around and set you are drink down. You do as you are told, good boy you get a lick on you are ear for listening.
I wrap the cloth around you are eyes and tell you to turn around again. I tell you to run your hands along my body and it feels nice. I tell you to take off my dress. You find you are way around to getting it of. I shove my breast in your mouth and you lick and suck it as it grows hard from your touch.
I push you away and turn around so my ass is in you are crotch and I wiggle it tighter to you. Pushing up against you , you push back and I can feel the length of your hardness pushing through those little boxers. I take you by the waist band and pull you into the bedroom.
Blindly you follow me as I sit you on the bed and push you back onto your back. I straddle you and push you farther onto the bed. Now I have you in the middle where I take you are kisses and drive you crazy with my tongue. I take your left hand and drive it onto the mattress as I place a tie around it and do the same with the other. You are just smiling.

I lower the blind fold so you see where you are. You see me wearing a thong, heels and a triangular shaped bra with no breast material on it just around the breasts. I lower my breast to you are hungry mouth and you take it in. Hungry for more you try to lean forward forgetting.

If I am breathing, i am horny

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