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Joan & Ken

Spent a hot, passionate night with the love of my life (pic to the left *mmh mmhh mmmmmhhhh*) last night. (I have one of the most vivid imaginations known to womankind, so cut me some slack, OK? ) My suggestible mind was working in overdrive after watching "Memoirs of a Geisha". I had read the book yonks ago and wanted to see if the movie adaptation lived up to the written word. I am usually disappointed by movie adaptations of books that I have read but perhaps with this one I was too busy focusing on the male lead (I watched "The Last Samurai" about 8 times, so go figure... ) to notice whether the movie... sucked... or otherwise. It is certainly aesthetically pleasing, cinematography-wise… that much I'm certain and not just because of the oh-so-delicious Ken Watanabe. *swooooon* GawdIwanttoripthatmorningsuitoffhisbackandlickeveryscrumptiousinch
startalloveragain… OK Foxxy... Focus! FOCUS! *slaps self*

Went to watch the movie with 'Monsieur Olivier' whom I wrote about in the post titled 'Shoes and Other Feet'. His Gallic-accented English still makes me weak at the knees but when he asked me up for 'coffee' at his apartment after the movie I politely declined citing extreme sleepiness. I knew what he wanted because he made it more than clear. Yes, he has a rippling 6-pack and the tightest butt this side of a Chippendale dancer but I would have felt too much like Joan frickin' Collins (for those not in the know, La Collins has a husband 32 years her junior ). As yummy as 'Olivier' is, I just can't. He's my baby brother's age! At any rate, I wasn't in the mood for any cradle-robbing last night.

Lazy Saturday afternoon spent in 'limbo' now. Limbo because am not sure what my plans are for the rest of the weekend. I gave rights of first refusal (Lord.. you just know I studied Contract Law at some point or another, don't you? *wry laugh*) to The Bandit a.k.a. panda (OK, don't ask why I call him The Bandit, it's a 'thang' I have going with him *mysterious smile*) and I still haven't received word. As of 1pm today there are 4 standing invitations for dinner/drinks/wotever-else-may-follow tonight, none of which I am particularly keen to accept. Although if The Bandit doesn't come through for me I might go meet the one with the nice, kind eyes just for drinks and hopefully... a laugh.

Kindness is something I need in truckloads right now.

Update: The Bandit came through for me! w00t!

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