Fahrenheit 5/11  

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6/25/2005 9:36 am

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Fahrenheit 5/11

He nuzzled my neck and asked, "What scent are you wearing?"

I replied, "Ralph Lauren's 'Style'" my eyes still glued onto the screen where Viggo Mortensen was strutting his stuff.

I liked the way his stubble felt next to my cheek when he leaned closer again to smell me. Sent a delicious tingle up my spine.

"Is it annoying?" I asked.

"No... no.. it's nice, " he whispered as he nuzzled my neck. I tore my attention away from Viggo and nuzzled his neck.

"What scent is this?" I asked, inhaling the heady smell of him and the yet unidentified scent.

"I am sure you can see the bottle from here, " he said, indicating his dressing table.

"Aaah... Fahrenheit!"

Then he kissed me... a slow, languorous kiss that left me breathless... senseless. I was ready to drown in this beautiful man and forget the world just for that few timeless hours. I remember how his skin felt against mine, so smooth and warm. I remember how his hard, sculpted abs felt under my fingertips. I remember the way his body shuddered as I touched, caressed, kissed, licked and nibbled him in ways he said he had never been before. I remember the taste of him... the shape of him... in my mouth. I remember how we collapsed laughing when the bed 'broke' in the middle of our second session of hot and wild coupling... and how we continued regardless. I remember the way he smelled, every rise and dip of his lithe, athletic body. I remember raining soft kisses on the scars on his legs that was left by that terrible accident. I remember the way he held and caressed me with so much tenderness after we lay spent and sated on that broken bed... the way we slept like babies in each other's arms for the rest of the night. I had wanted to leave, but he had held me tighter and whispered, "No.. please stay."

It was a magical night where reality was suspended. Things weren't quite the same as I rushed out of his apartment the next morning, though. The cheek that I had wanted to kiss goodbye was rather reluctantly offered. What had I expected? Tenderness in the harsh light of day? What made me break my cardinal rule of "no expectations whatsoever"? That smile? Those eyes? The kindness? The tenderness?

rm_jinetemex 51M
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7/7/2005 7:01 pm

What a good taste you have. I have been used Farenheit for many years, and i like it so much.

Do you want to smell it on me.

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