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6/28/2005 9:47 am

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It's a little past midnight here and I have so much restless energy in me. Feel like running... just to dissipate it... and to get the endorphin high that I am now addicted to. Didn't manage to get to the gym today, had a terribly busy day. *sigh*

Stayed in this evening, watched "Closer" on DVD. It has been a long time since a movie has struck a chord within me like this one did. I am no Sieskel nor am I an Ebert so I shall not be writing a review here, all I can say that it is a very well-crafted movie. One of Mike Nichols' best, IMVHO. Throughout the movie, I was going, "Bloody 'ell.. that's me! ME!" Saw a bit of myself in all of the four main characters, which is to say I am highly fecked-up, which in turn does not really come as a surprise now, does it? (As a friend very aptly put it when asked wot the movie was all about, "It's about effed-up relationships" )

It certainly made me think. Perhaps it has also given me a certain... impetus to do something I should have done some time ago. This charade that I have been playing with Mr. Smitten has to end. It's not only beginning to get tedious, it is also draining me, weighs heavily on my mind every day. (Guess that explains my sudden craving for carrot cake with thick cream cheese frosting recently! I haven't succumbed to the 'call of the wild' though. Bwahaha Comfort food rawks!) I don't know why it is so hard for me to just 'cut bait' this time around, it's not as if it's the first time I would be doing it. I guess it's because I care for him, I don't want to see him hurt... but ya know, sometimes one just has to be cruel to be kind. (Boy... now we are in cliché hell, aren't we? )

This post was written to Fatima Rainey's "Hey", a song that I have been wanting to download for the longest time. (The record stores here in the The Garden City of Lights only stock recent releases and other cacophonous crap *exasperated siiiigh*) This song makes me think of Wonderboy, the one who makes me laugh. He's been really busy lately, we haven't had the time to laugh together much.

In other news, my fighter pilot friend arrives in town next week. w00t! Ms.-I-Have-A-Fetish-for-Top-Gun-Types is... excited. *wicked wink* He's offered me to play with his...errr... joystick. Hahahaha Wish we could play in that sleek and sexy machine he flies... Hmmmm

TightAndEasy73 42M
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6/29/2005 1:02 am

Fighter pilot eh? Wow that's a fantasy for most women, but you have a real life chance of living it out. More power to ya girl!

rm_foxxychica 44F
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6/29/2005 6:26 am

JayRTee2: I highly recommend the movie. It's definitely worth your time. Will go check out the poetry group soon.

TightAndEasy: *wicked wink* Go me! *LOL*

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