An introduction to Fox and Trixi  

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7/21/2006 2:50 am

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An introduction to Fox and Trixi


A few words about the main characters before we being our little journey.

Fox is a 33 year old professional poker player who also writes about the game for part of his living. He enjoys basketball, his old muscle car, and Trixi.

Trixi is a beautiful 34 year old woman who runs a photography studio. She loves to travel, shop, and of course, take pictures.

They are very much in love, and together they've decided that it might be fun to share themselves with another woman on occasion. They've also decided that Fox should chronicle the whole thing in this blog. Whether it reads like a romantic comedy or an erotic film has yet to be seen, but please follow along and find out.

Our journey begins with Fox finding AdultFriendFinder and mentioning it to Trixi.

"Well did you sign us up?" she asks.

"No but I will if you want" he replies, hoping she tells him to go for it and fairly certain that she will.

"Hell yeah" she replies "Find us a woman to play with!"

"Sounds good" he says in his most nonchalant voice.

Feature Introduction - As we learn about finding a third person we'll be sharing our knowledge with you. Anything in red will be a tip on dating, relationships, or sex.

Tip from Fox - In order to increase the chances of your girlfriend being open to a three way with another girl you never want to seem terribly eager (though I know you are). Constant questions like "Can we sleep with her? or "Do you think she's hot?" as you walk through the mall will not help things. If you seem too eager you will make her wonder if she is not enough for you or you'll just annoy her. Take things casually and don't be an overenthusiastic puppy and maybe things will materialize.

Fox whips out the trusty credit card and pays for a ogld membership to see how things look. As soon as they have an account set up the two of them are looking through profiles and adding women to their hotlist. Just the idea of the whole thing is very intoxicating and great sex is had immediately.

Thanks for reading, tell your sister about us!
Fox and Trixi

MillsShipsGayly 51M

7/21/2006 7:25 am

sly like a fox ?

rm_chowbox2005 43M

7/21/2006 9:16 am

Welome to the blogs, and happy hunting!

Licks, Chow

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7/21/2006 2:29 pm

Welcome to the site.

It really is what you make of it--I can be a place to make friends, find a hook-up, explore your fantasies (or other's) . Stroll around and enjoy.

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