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12/21/2005 9:52 am

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This morning, I wrote this to dream_away77's blog, but it didn't seem to post. It was a pleasant thought on the sentiment of open marriage (which we enjoy, in a sense) so I decided to post it here:

"Being open is the only way to be. In the beginning, we tried to control each other, without even really understanding that we were doing it.

At the 7 year mark (of marriage), we must have gotten the proverbial itch and things began to evolve. Now we're all through that and are on equal footing.

We love each other and most enjoy doing things together (including swinging), but we would never deny the other a desired experience. You know, sometimes you just can't say no!"

And sometimes you just don't see any sense in saying no to something you really, really want to do.

Here's the challenge today: reach out and love someone!

Happy Holidays to all.

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