Why do I/most men want to do it with two women?  

rm_flux_in2005 40M
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6/30/2006 10:14 am

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6/30/2008 7:32 am

Why do I/most men want to do it with two women?

I think that's a fair question. Why do we it's not like one isn't enough trouble.

In fairness I know the answer - for me anyway its cause I'm a horny git.

Seriously though I think I am obsessed by this though. I don't necessairly want to see them getting it on with each other I just want them both naked with me. I have this fantasy about shagging one of them, in many different positions, while at the same time caressing the other ones breasts and have her licking my nipples or elsewhere. I'd lock the doors to the house for a whole day or weekend and just keep at them till we were all physically wrecked. happym;

I think this was sparked off when I was a young nipper and had the good fortune to go out with twins one after the other. Looking back I can't believe I missed such a chance. But frankly I'm not such a bastard as to suggest it to them.

Gosh even writing this makes me really horny, maybe one day before I die my dream will come true. Mind you I've been thinking about this since I was 15 so on those odds its much more likely I'll just keep thinking about it rather than having it happen. But hey I live in hope.

Any of you reading this think about the same thing, I know its supposed to be pretty common anyway. Also let me know if you've actually done it with two women.

Ladies vice versa let me know if you've done it with two men or would like to?

funandfunky2000 44M/44F
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10/8/2006 4:33 am

Hi i was just reading up on the blogs and in ref to your first, i dont think anyone does read them here, this is me first day on the blogs i was concidering doing one, but i dont think i will bother for it will get no replies till six months down the line a new comer will find them and reply, althought i have just left the group sites and wondered did u see them there is chats and blogs for women looking for men, maybe if you browse over them there will be two sexy girls will make your dream come true. it was in (looking for fun in antrim) group i think. oh i am the female of the couple just incase u view the profile. If u do we have got a few contact now so somebody will get there dreams shortly. hope u read this u have been away a while. nice chattin anyway. bye

rm_flux_in2005 40M

10/14/2006 5:58 pm

thanks for that

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